My Music

black white guitar...

There is a TON of music on “ifhappinesscanlastforever.”  This page highlights music by yours truly 🙂 Covers AND originals (but mainly covers at this point)..YOU CAN STILL BE AN ARTIST EVEN IF WRITING MUSIC ISN’T YOUR BIGGEST STRENGTH!!!!

1)  Put Your Arms Around Me

2)  Singin’ in the beauty shop

3)  Cohorting with TRUE musicians (and barely keeping up)

4)  I’m too old to go chasing you around, wasting my precious energy..

5)  Baby, are you down (to hear my battle with Lil Wayne)?

6)  A Beautiful Version of Unwritten (mash-up alert!)

FYI, this page will be updated at least semi-regularly.  Check back at least semi-often…  And yes, I do like semi-sweet chocolate chips…


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