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Let go of your grudges.


I promise you they aren’t doing you any good.


How can you make this happen?

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Plan B

ImageMYTH vs. experience

Image“That original feeling never went away…”

(this is one of Ms. Bedingfield’s best lyrics EVER

in my informed and intelligent opinion)


Plan B looks like, domino’s pizza in the candlelight

     Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.18.32 PM

         ~Phil Vassar

(this is one of the cutest songs of ALL TIME!)

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.17.17 PM

“The best laid paid of mice and men often go awry.”

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.15.09 PM

~John Steinbeck

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.19.56 PM

(read here about my genius connection to this famous American novel!)

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 9.35.20 AM


1) When have your original plans worked out?

2) When have you needed to move to another letter in the alphabet?

figuratively and/or literally


“It might be our universities, our outfits, our major life decisions, our relationships, our hairstyles, our blog posts, our careers, or our preferred choice of toothbrush color, but whatever it is, if it didn’t work out the first time, KEEP TRYING TIL YOU GET THE PERFECT LETTER!”

 ~Ms. Katherine

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T cubed

Image   Image

ImageImage  Image

And no Brad Paisley, you can’t check me sicko.  Your song is very, VERY clever though…props

Oh, and if you want to play Tic-Tac-Toe with me, I already know the outcome:

read more here about the ZBB concert

(and also see me with WAAAAAY prettier hair!)

Gotta go paint my toe-nails now…

Tic-Toc of the clock is painful, all sane and logical….

   ~Eve 6

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 8.52.14 AM


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Zac Brown Band fills the void of what has been missing in country music!


Yes they do!  These boys are the REAL DEAL.  Ain’t no sell-outs wearing cowboy hats singing with some ugly fake twang (I ain’t naming names, but ya’ll know who I’m talkin’ ’bout) .  Expect to hear more about ZBB on this blog.  The night I saw them in concert with Renae was one that has influenced me to this day.  Don’t know where to start musically because it’s ALL amazing, but here’s an all-time favorite:

(best part is 3:00-3:30)

Seriously, that voice gives me chills, and it’s even BETTER in person.



Great memories 🙂  Of the concert, and also of my hair looking that beautiful.

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Holding up the concert tickets for the picture,




but you can’t really read them that well anyways 🙂

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