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Real Vs. Ideal (Poem)

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“The natural [wo]man is an enemy…”

(Mosiah 3:19 in the Book of Mormon)

Toughest critic, newfound cynic, cross examine everything
Radar for threats, emotional debts, I trust only reluctantly
Riches on my mind, not quite as kind, eyeing the world ambitiously
Only a shell of my former self, where is that girl I used to be?

How can I retain my purity after tasting the fruit of iniquity?
Can I regain my innocence in the face of spiritual dissonance?

Struggle between who I am naturally
And the person that I need to be
Caught up in ideal identities
(My best friend and my enemy)

No easy victory in this internal war
I’ve lasted this long; I’ll keep fighting some more

“Got no choice but to fight, so fight on.”
        -John Mayer

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At some point, ignorance becomes sin.


“At some point, ignorance becomes sin.”

-Ben Shapiro

Ruminate on that a bit

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Spelling of Innocence vs. Spelling of Experience

innocence-and-experience   spelling1

I once volunteered in a 2nd grade classroom where a little boy spelled “six” wrong out loud.  Almost immediately I thought of the William Blake poetry collection.


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