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Is Our Culture Obsessed with Traveling?


I quite like traveling. Though it sounds cliche, it’s lovely to learn more about different cultures and ways of life, and it can be quite humbling to see how good we have it compared to some people in the world. But I also think that there’s something, dare I say, pretentious about this seeming obsession with traveling among Millenials. Like we’re somehow better or cooler if we explore the world. Like you have some virtue or goodness bestowed upon 5-reasons-why-you-should-travel-before-youre-30-travel-blog-article-inspiration-lets-go-somewhere-today2you if you are blessed with the means to travel. We’ve all seen tons of articles with headlines like “15 reasons to Travel while You’re Young,” or seen “explore 30 countries before you’re 30” on some Buzzfeed bucket-list.

Not meaning to insult anyone. I’ve been to Fiji and Central America and am gearing up for a South American adventure soon! But what ya’ll think? Do we over emphasize traveling? Have we made it a sport to compare how cool of experiences we’ve had in different parts of the world? And are some people perhaps just looking for a rockin’ photo op?

I’d love to know your thoughts. Won’t be offended if you think I’m (totally) wrong.

Are we obsessed with traveling?

(and is it perhaps a tad overrated and pretentious?)

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