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10 fingers and 5 toes

I have a certain friend.  He has 10 fingers and 5 toes.  He had a freak-accident (I’m no stranger to those) a few years ago where he had to have them amputated.  Cray-cray, right?  Anyways, this guy is a good guy.  He is really funny and close to the Lord and works hard.  Even though he doesn’t live in Provo anymore, I am so grateful for our friendship and just know we will keep in touch for years to come 🙂  I will show you a picture of his foot (but not of his face!)


And guess what?  His foot ain’t the most interesting thing about him…not in the least 🙂

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A very common sight indeed

My dad reading the Mormon almanac.  ImageYes, you read that right.  Mormons are such a weird cult that they have their own almanac.  Haha, not really.  It just is a book published every year that gives information about new church leaders, new temples, and statistics/demographics and stuff like that.  Just the sort of stuff that gets David’s heart racing and his toes tapping 🙂

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