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Just got another convert

to Google Docs! (though sadly now it’s all called “Drive,” which is NOT my favorite word in the world)


This is Todd.  Remember him?  Loads more to come about this guy, but for now, I’m glad I could bring him into the sweet spot of writing collaboration that IS Google Docs.  Dayan would be so proud.


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Mormon Pogo!

On Sunday, my home-teachers Dan and Todd came over to give me a little lesson.  These guys are both attractive, hard-working, and successful.  They also love God.  So the lesson went great, but the REAL party started after when we pulled out the pogo-stick!

Image                Image

Mormons don’t just go to church for 3 hours every Sunday, people.  We do stuff like this.  Join the church and I will buy you a pogo-stick for your baptism.  And you’ll just have to keep coming back to my blog to wait for a picture of me doing the pogo-stick 🙂


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