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Be careful in how you use the name of God.

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One of the 10 commandments of Judaism/ Christianity is “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord, thy God in vain” (see Exodus 20:7). This means that when we speak of deity (God, Jesus Christ), we do so reverently and respectfully. It certainly does not mean we never use the word(s), but we do so carefully, as the language is very sacred.

I am a believer (duh). Therefore, I take this commandment very seriously. I feel grateful that it’s never been a problem for me: I grew up in a home (and a Church!) where we were taught from a very young age to not use the name of God casually. It’s never been a temptation for me.

However, as we all know, other people do not always have the same views/ standards as us (that’s not self-righteous!). Naturally, I’ve heard other people speak these exclamations where they use the name of divinity. I do not (necessarily) think these individuals are bad people, but still their words deeply offend me. I often struggle about whether or not to bring it to their attention and politely ask them to stop.

I am not a prude. I don’t swear (except on very, very rare occasions- not that I’m proud of it). Still, hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain is more offensive to me than virtually any other obscenity I know of. It hurts that much.

I would like to think that even if I did not believe in God or I thought religion was all just a bunch of quack, I would be respectful of spiritual folks by not making casual exclamations (at least not in their presence) with the name of common deity.

What are YOUR experiences/ thoughts on this topic?

PS. It goes without saying that I would ask any/ all of my friends to respect my beliefs enough to not do this kind of thing (at least not where I can see/ hear it). Thanks! ❤ K

PS.  Here is Pentatonix doing a cleaned-up version of Usher’s song OMG.  Not only does it avoid taking the Lord’s name in vain, but it also omits other parts of the song that are less than G-rated.  Love these guys! (and sooooo good in concert!)


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