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All Therapists Are NOT Created Equal


      Therapist Zach

If you ever find yourself in counseling/ therapy of any kind and it just isn’t working out with your shrink, don’t necessarily throw in the towel right away.  Shop around a lil’, know what I mean?

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“Katherine, you’re gonna find it.”

When meeting with therapist Zach, I found the words to express that in the past I’d gotten all my meaning and identity from my association with Mormonism.  And with the collapse of that (don’t worry, I have since rebuilt that one), what else was there?  What was the purpose of my life?

He wasn’t necessarily a warm-fuzzy guy.  (he wasn’t a Nazi either), and he DEFINITELY wasn’t preachy (thank goodness!).  But it was one of those rare moments in our therapy sessions where you could tell that he wanted to give me a figurative hug (can’t risk a lawsuit).  But all he said to me, with just a hint of a guidance-counselor-esque tone, was “Katherine, you’re gonna find it.”

I FOUND IT!  But I might lose all my creativity tomorrow, so better get back to writing 🙂

Readers, I don’t have to spell it out for you.  Text-to-self connection.  Go.

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Still with me, therapist Zach?

I don’t see you anymore.  And it’s not appropriate (or legal I think?) to keep in touch via Facebook.  Even if you aren’t checking my blog between every crazy client you see, I sure hope you stop by every now and then.

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I am the Poster Child for Therapy…


Nothin’ wrong with that 🙂

#wouldn’t hate being a model, so put me on a literal poster 🙂

That girl’s like something off a poster…

(Katherine likes a LOT of music, but this one is way up there on my list…)

#my hair is beautiful and shiny and straight, just the way I like it…

#never had braces-true story! dentists I wanna be in your brochures, ok?

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an apology to Therapist “Zach”……kinda :)

*names have been changed to protect the innocent therapist


I’m sure it’s really hard for you Zach (don’t tempt me, Michael Scott).  I’m sure you wanna show my blog to all your friends and be like:  I helped her get there!  But those dang confidentiality laws/professional boundaries.   Haha….I’m sorry for the torture.  But I also think you probz REALLY enjoy reading this blog, dontcha?  maybe not but maybe…

#catch ya on the flip side 🙂

#cant answer me…

oh and by the way this isn’t the first time I’ve communicated via code:

communicate code...

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That GIRL needs therapy…

shout out to my therapist…you know who you are…thanks a million 🙂

if i become a famous blogger, its partially cuz of YOU!  we can go into business together and take over the world (think Pinky and the Brain)……

but if i don’t it’s ok too

#therapy isn’t weird

#everyone could prob benefit

core beliefs: kindness, humor, expression, Christ


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