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is often easier in theory.

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Most of the hating isn’t done externally, it’s done INTERNALLY…

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No one should be unkind to you, but if ever anyone is,

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remember that it’s probably not about you….

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It’s their own shizzle.

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And although funny in theory, I would NOT recommend making those kind of people a special pie.  Line of propriety.


But do stand up for yourself, know what I mean?

We hate ourselves sometimes in the voice of other people….

but I disregard all of it and assume that I am loved the world ’round.

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PS. Check out where I got my title here.  Hint, he has his own planet called Guitar Kolob.

Thunderbolt of blasphemy yet again…

Also, BRILLIANT BOOKENDING (of JM’s quote) is what I did here…

blog to self-connection:

READERS!  How do YOU react when people are unkind to you?

Also, if you are yourself unkind to people in any way at all, take a tip from my friend President Uchtdorf…

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If you have blue eyes, don’t wear blue makeup because it will drown them out…




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I have this theory…


about people with pictures (particularly FB profile pictures) of themselves with children that are not directly their own (like a niece or nephew).  We want people to think we love them (which we do!), but really we just think we look super hot and want others to see and think we are good with kids and stuff.  Ain’t pointing any fingers.  I do it too!  Now I love my little twin nieces. But come on now, you know who this picture is really about 🙂

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