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Adam Levine is pretty much a D…

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Adam Levine is a D. Not attractive (a few strategic tats can be sexy, but his whole body is inked. Eww!), a weird voice, completely arrogant, and makes almost all of his stuff blatantly sexual and tacky.

Talented, yes.

Some good songs? Sure, I guess.

But overall as a person/artist, definitely not hot. Dislike.

The Fall of Adam…



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Lil Wayne’s Got Nothin’ on Me!

Lil Wayne wanted to know if this girl was down for a sing-off.

Know what she said?

Image      vs.  Image

“Honestly, I’m down like the economy!”

Compare this (start at 2:24-3:00):

Lyrics here: 

To this (start at 1:02-1:43):

(I changed the gender pronouns.  I do that kind of thing a lot.)

Readers, what do you think?

PS.  Wayne, I love and respect you no matter what (not really, but just didn’t want to come off as judgmental and also wanted to soften this next part), BUT your body is a temple…why would you want to put graffiti on it?  Join the LDS Church and I’ll help you pay to get rid of those tats (but readers FYI you don’t have to do that if you want to become a Mormon-just thought I’d clear that up)…

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