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Hard times

ImageHard times,

let me be!


I “studied” this book in a British Lit class at BYU

Embarrassed to admit that I didn’t read it a whole bunch (Sparknotes 😦 )


High Times!

Hard Times!


Friends, we truly are living in hard times.  Perilous, even.  And there is no single answer to solve our personal/ individual troubles, let alone our world’s problems.  But may I suggest just a few:

1)  Be kind to other people

2)  Do your best to get your finances in order and be a wise steward over your things.

3)  Sacrifice what you need to to obey the laws of God even more exactly

4)  Pray

5)  Reach out to others

6)  Have hope

7)  Keep reading my blog



Hope you can find some happiness, despite these:

Hard Times.

❤ Katherine

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