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It ain’t a crime…

Imageto be ahead of your time!

I relate to Emma Stone’s character “Skeeter” a lot:  We both are writers, we both interview women, we both are unmarried, we both have bad hair days, we both care about certain social causes (and sometimes worry about what our female counterparts are doing!), we’ve both witnessed boys do and say dumb things, but most of all, we both are awesome!

Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 2.30.51 PM

It ain’t a crime

to be ahead of your time!


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Sometimes I do this when I pick up people from the airport:


After all, we ARE all VIPs.

And, I do like picking up people (whom I know/trust) from the airport when I can, but I also won’t reject gas money/food/a good time in return, know what I mean?

P.S.  That sign was for Maizy (before her days as a married woman, of course)!  I don’t make signs for/pick up myself 🙂

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