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BYU is sexy. Other colleges are just sex. That’s why we’re “The Y.”

cant mormon

# nice shirt, sweetheart.  I have one too but  I look a lot more wholesome in it

#yes I made it up

#BYU how much you gonna pay me? you can put it on your website….

#not hatin’ on other schools…

#anyone know how to copyright sayings?  I do NOT want anyone else stealing my thunder…

#you heard it here first, folks

#small letter, big difference

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T-shirts I LOVE!



(chemical equation of Chocolate)

and THIS T-SHIRT: Image

(from “The Big Bang Theory“)  watch here:  (TOTALLY CLEAN AND FUNNY CLIP, Sam):


I HAD these t-shirts, but Tori Blonquist Powell borrowed them and never gave them back.  It’s alright, girl.  Ain’t holding a grudge.  Let bygones be bygones. You’ve done so much for me that stupid t-shirts don’t matter…Still, I can’t help but reminisce…

(they said “I can’t, I’m Mormon,” but Eliza and I thought our Mormonism empowered us instead of limited us, so we modified a little)….

A whole blog post devoted to shirts, you might ask?  Um, would you rather have me walking around like this? 🙂





#trick question

#careful how you answer

#don’t judge

#sorry mom

Core Beliefs: Beauty, Humor, Expression, Creativity, Understanding


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