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AIDS is not God’s revenge on man…


I recently posted about the sad epidemic of AIDS.  And now I have something more to express on the matter:  Unlike some Christian perspectives, I do not believe that AIDS is evidence of God’s anger or wrath upon those who do not observe the law of chastity.  I wholeheartedly believe that God gave us the law of chastity to keep us from the terrible affliction of AIDS!

He gave us that commandment for that reason, but for other reasons, of course… 🙂

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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)


Concerning the topic of AIDS/HIV:

Concerning the issue of HIV/ AIDS:  “We, with others, hope that discoveries will make possible both prevention and healing from this dread affliction. But regardless of such discoveries, the observance of one clearly understandable and divinely given rule would do more than all else to check this epidemic. That is chastity before marriage and total fidelity [in] marriage.” -Gordon Hinckley (said in 1987).

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“Having said this, I desire now to say with emphasis that our concern for the bitter fruit of sin is coupled with Christlike sympathy for its victims, innocent or culpable… We should reach out with kindness and comfort to the afflicted, ministering to their needs and assisting them with their problems.”

-Gordon B Hinckley (LDS Church President/Prophet 1995-2008).


Can’t really add anymore to that.

The commandments are for our benefit.

Obey them please!


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