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“How in the heck am I supposed to raise seed unto the God of Israel when I can’t even drive my freakin’ car?!”


He’ll help ya out, that’s how.  With the driving AND with the kids.

PS.  Read more about my driving woes here.  

PPS.  I see a connection to Maslowe’s Hierarchy and to Karl Jung here.  Will explore further in another post…

PPPS.  No, this is not a pregnancy announcement.  It’s not even a wedding announcement.  Darnie.

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A picture with weird eyes…

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 9.59.34 PM

can still be cute sometimes!

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 10.06.17 PM

but other times, not so much…

Image         Image

Good thing we got this one, too:

Image       Image


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Some selfies…


are better than others.


And that’s just how it is.

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Some say SJP looks like a horse….

SJP horse face

but I think some days I do, too….

Image     3090206-wide-angle-shot-of-horse-face-the-horse-is-looking-very-curious-at-the-camera

# was the photographer at a race and got bored while waiting for runners

#Carrie Bradshaw at heart


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A face without freckles…

face freckles

is like a sky without the stars. WHY WASTE A SECOND NOT LOVIN’ WHO YOU ARE?

#empowering, but not overly preachy/guidance-counselorish

# should I make Natasha Bedingfield a core belief?

#nearly every line is lyrical GOLD

#have done my own version-maybe will put it on the blog someday…

#fake eyelashes, yeppers

#I swear I have modest clothes! was at the Lake taking selfies…

#i could get more freckles if i stopped blogging and went outside…

Core Beliefs:  beauty, humor, kindness, expression, understanding, Christ

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