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Sometimes a song is so good live that even a crappy recorded version can (almost) make you tear up….

Love the call-and response with the audience.


Could this woman be anymore talented, beautiful and kind?  That is a rhetorical question, and the literal answer is NO!

You cannot teach stage-presence like that.


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You-tubing cover versions of your all-time favorite song can be frustrating,

but it can also be awesome! 

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Singing in the beauty salon, Part 2

I never break a promise (or try hard not to), so here ya’ll are!

First of all, I’m not as cocky as this might make me look.  That chocolate man sang first, then it was my turn, so I sang my signature song!  Also, see that little pink thing on my neck?  bathing suit.  Laundry is not my strong point.


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This is the look you give after a job well done…

and a song well sung.


Even if you are slouching, look a little like an equestrian, and have navy blue tights instead of black because you got dressed in a hurry, it was still a good day 🙂

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It ain’t bad to like your own music….


just sayin 🙂

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Put Your Arms Around Me…

This is my signature song, yes it is!  Anyways, I am going to include 3 versions.  But they ARE ALL GOOD!   Compare/contrast if you like.  If you wish to comment, don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  I have thick skin when it comes to this, I feel confident in my version, and I would like your honest feedback so long as you are kind and constructive!     My ranking of them are as follows:

1)  Walmart Stripped Acoustic Version

2)  Katherine Version

*Did it all-guitar, lead and harmony vocals, no autotune (the shakers were added in electronically)…oh, and I obviously don’t have a ton of experience with youtube videos yet (this is my first and only one).  Start small, dream big!

3)  Album Version

“i know they’re easy words to say, but i mean it”

*so many ups and downs but nothing’s changed, that’s why you know I’m here to stay…

*I played this for Tori and Jared and when I did she leaned over and whispered to him “that’s our wedding song.”

*WHY isn’t this song more popular?  It’s SOOO GOOD!  I guess I am the missionary bringing it to the world 🙂


Core Beliefs:  Christ, humor, expression, kindness, creativity, beauty, understanding


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Wedding Singer…

I have a little experience singing at weddings:

Sam and Sara’s wedding:                                                         

singer Sam Sara wedding   carlos katherine guitar

Tori and Jared’s wedding:

Who’s the next lucky couple?  Could it be you?  Lemme know 🙂  (shameless self promotion again)

and guaranteed to be just as good a singer and just as entertaining as this guy here:


Core Beliefs: Humor, Beauty (that 2nd picture ain’t so hot though but not bad), Expression, Creativity


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