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All around the world readers crumble for me…

Dear friends!

I recently just got a cool new widget.  Widget is such a fancy-schmancy word for a cool function that helps me spice up my blog (they’re all the things on the right hand column).  Anyways, this particular widget is a flag-counter!  Cool!  So ya’ll can have a visual representation of just how much my blog is, in the words of John Mayer, “loved the world round.” 🙂

One slight problem:  The flag-counter only started now.  So you can’t see just how many global visitors I’ve had already.  Sigh.  But I think we’ll survive.  Haha.  And lemme help you out:

Imagesecond screen-shot cuz my list is so long…


To the world, you may be just another girl. 

But to me, baby you are THE WORLD!

~Brad Paisley


Musical count for this post alone:

1) Sugar Ray

2) John Mayer

3) Chris Brown & Pitbull

4) Brad Paisley…

*looks like SOMEONE knows her music, huh? Hozabout a little toast…


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The 2 most handsome Mormons in the world:

Mitt Romney is my all-American boy (a twist on Tom Petty’s famous song!),


but  President Dieter F. Uchtdorf is my international-love.



PS.  You’ll definitely want to click on that “International Love” link.  It’s a good one (it ain’t Pit-bull by the way!)

PPS.  This post was inspired by a TEXT MESSAGE exchange I had with Tyler once…

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