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Kate Kelly & Wendy Davis: By Their Company Ye Shall Know Them

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Controversy alert! (get over it)

If there is any doubt that Kate Kelly (founder of Ordain Women) has gone completely off the deep end (AKA gone apostate), here is a picture of her posing with Texas state senator Wendy David, who famously (and miserably) filibustered for the “right” to abort viable babies past 20 weeks. Abortion is the great horror of civilization, but thankfully all can reject this great evil and be forgiven through Jesus Christ. Still, it’s telling that Ms. Kelly associates with such women as Senator Davis. Don’t be led astray.

By their fruits [and their company!] ye shall know them.”
(Matthew 7:20)

PS: If you think it’s inappropriate/ judgmental of me to post this, I’d ask you this question: who’s actions are worse-mine or Kate Kelly’s?

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To the Ordain Women Group- why are you doing this again?



I think it’s high time for a little controversy, don’t you? 🙂

Those who are part of the Mormon “Ordain Women” movement make no secret that they will again demonstrate at the Priesthood session of General Conference taking place in 2 days time. Some are even more bolstered now than before (namely author Joanna Brooks), as they seem to take the letter from the PR department as some sort of a challenge.

Here’s where I am confused: Why would anyone put themselves through that….again? I understand that being denied permission to attend in October was quite emotionally taxing for those involved. So why would you want to do that to yourself one more time? Never mind that you are now deliberately defying the Church’s request; it just seems unfathomable to try again when you are destined to, well, fail in your endeavor. Before, you thought you had a chance. Now, you don’t have one at all.

I’m not trying to be unkind. I’m not even necessarily trying to discourage you. But why? Why are you going to torture yourself again? It seems to me to be emotionally masochistic. I know that you believe you have a greater cause, but at what cost (when it’s already guaranteed that you will not meet your goal) ?

Why (Georgia)

Who finds a way to fit John Mayer into EVERYTHING?



Ordain Women, why are you doing this????

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