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This should be incredibly obvious, but I’m just going to say it anyways:

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Miley Cyrus’s recent crazy antics, self-exploitation, and blatant and obscene exhibition of sexuality are not cute.  They are not funny.  They are not sexy.  They are not empowering.  They are not entertaining.  They are not artistic.  They are not healthy.



“Wickedness never was happiness.”

Image~Alma 41:10

And friends, we NEED (young) women who are classy.  We need women who respect themselves and others.  We need these women as role-models for our own children.

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One of my favorite musicians expresses this same sentiment:

   I’m looking for a four-course meal that isn’t based in base desire
I’m looking for a lady that knows the soul is more than an appetizer

Image~Andy Grammer

But back to the troublesome twerker:

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Ms. Cyrus, I only just recently wrote you a letter concerning your disappointing music video “Wrecking Ball. (I wrote your confused father, Billy Ray, a letter as well).”  I didn’t expect to be writing about you again so soon, but you’ve left me no choice.

Miley seriously, you must make a change.

I beg of you to stop before you self-destruct.  Truly.

Please.  Stop.


Readers, as is always the case,

if you agree with what I’m saying,

please pass this along.



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I ain’t buying that one…

ImageSome of these  Autocorrect fails are funny, some (many unfortunately) are obscene, some don’t make any sense, and some of them most likely did not actually occur.

Readers, I would like to reassure you that everything you read about on this blog is legit.  Not to be arrogant, but I am talented enough (and my life is crazy enough!) to not make anything up;  Stories, experiences, and encounters immortalized on this blog have actually, LITERALLY happened.  I would swear in court.  Derrick Clement’s one and only rule for telling a story at The Porch is that it has to BE REAL!  I’m not quite as liberal as he and actually have more standards than him (story-telling wise and morally), but we certainly have that standard of truth in common.    This blog is real, remember?  And so am I.

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