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Sing out pretty, and sing out clear. But you’re not the only one I wanna hear!


You know those people who are (semi) professional singers/ actors/ actresses/ performers who sing all loud and dramatically in Church? Yeah, I find it pretty obnoxious. You’re not on stage or at an audition, so tone it down a bit, wouldja? And seriously, we all know you’re into performing. No need to brag or marvel at the sound of your own voice. Please stop immediately. Learn to blend in a bit.

Sing out pretty, and sing out clear,
But you’re not the only one I wanna hear!

PS: I am friends with plenty of musical/theater people who don’t do this. They know when to turn on the Broadway, and when to be more subtle. This isn’t a diss to those kind of people. Just a diss to the annoying people.


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Just one of the boys…

Image This was after a little concert we did at “The Wall” at BYU.

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 12.50.17 AM

I can be  a cougar in more than one sense of the word….

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I’m smart, but not THAT smart…

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 9.58.58 PM

A few days ago I received an email from someone who said (among other things), “you just write like you are too smart.”  Um, thanks?  Anyways, it made me think about the diversity of topics I cover, and I can understand that some may assume that Katherine is just trying to flaunt her knowledge because she’s sad that she hasn’t gotten eyelash extensions lately, isn’t yet married or something like that.  So here’s what I’ve come up with:



This theorem consists of 2 sub-postulates:

1)  I may not be as intelligent as this blog may give the impression.

2)  I am not as much of a media/(pop) culture junkie as this blog might make it seem.

Yes, both of those points are true.  It’s just that I have a painfully sharp memory (for good and for bad), and there’s not much that escapes my steel trap.  Also, I’ve done an excellent (though not perfect) job of keeping journals, music, pictures, articles, and other influences that are now part of the culmination of this blog experience.  So even if something did slip from my mind, I have it elsewhere to re-insert into my cranium.

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 9.56.28 AM

As far as further inspiration goes, of course I wish to partake of film, literature, occasional television, music, journalism, and art.  But I also know that I need to pace myself, and that I cannot ever consume it all (don’t want to, anyways!).  Eternity is a long time; I can catch up on that Audrey Hepburn special I missed if I don’t get to it now, know what I mean?

Plus, I know that no matter what good influences I fill my soul with, I MUST leave room in my Christmas inn (don’t miss that Biblical allusion please!) for the most important:

Where is the wisdom in all this knowledge?

Where is the knowledge in all this information?

-James Faust

Read the whole talk here: 

“You got so much to do, and only so many hours in a day.”

     ~Billy Joel

READERS:  Don’t feel overwhelmed if you can’t make it to every professional development conference, read every book, or catch every episode of your favorite TV show (hopefully it’s uplifting and not complete filth.).  Work hard, but also remember to try to keep some sort of balance.  Eternity is a long time.

Good problem to have…

Back to work now…


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Whoever said orange was the new pink


was SERIOUSLY disturbed!

ImageSorry, Pettermint Patty.  I know it’s not your favorite color, but I just LOVE this shirt because of all the memories it brings me.  But I swear to never wear it in your presence lest you faint of disapproval.

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We aren’t all gonna win Grammys or sell out Madison Square Garden,


but we can all pursue our interests, express our talents, and CREATE.

So how ’boutcha get off this blog and in the words of Britney, do something?

If I never win a Grammy, you know I’ll be alright…

~Jessica Andrews

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The Surprise of a Lifetime!

This is Thomas:


Thomas is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He attended Southern Virginia University (where he did music with my mama!), and after graduating, made the brave decision to serve a full-time LDS mission at the age of 24.  When making a quick stop in Utah to stock up on missionary gear, Thomas experienced a BIG surprise.  Check it out!

So awesome, huh?  Actually, he was one of 15 soon-to-be missionaries who got this star treatment:

Read the full article here: 

Godspeed, Thomas!  And Deseret First Credit Union, mad props.

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When you are so inspired that you have a hard time sleeping, (particularly if you live in the booming metropolis of Provo, which is basically the same thing as New York) it might be time for a sedative.”

Lyrics here. 

#always consult your doctor first 🙂

#never share meds….

#inspiration can be inconvenient

#this song is a literary gem, teachers take note


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Whatcha looking at down there? IT’S BETTER TO LOOK UP!

renae looking down    scarf looking down   Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 10.21.02 AM

(especially you, Renae, it’s your wedding day!)

Look down?

Heck no, Hugh Jackman!  Don’t you know it’s better to look up? 🙂

read this talk here it will rock your socks!

Core beliefs: humor, expression, kindness, creativity, beauty, Christ, understanding (BOOM BABY THAT’S ALL OF THEM!)

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Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

Imagejaney steve katherine templepunk rocker flowers renae pretty

#that pic with Clover the dog was taken before BYU in high school, I’m sorry sometimes modesty just clashed with my outfit

#I KNOW MODESTY IS IMPORTANT (Nae and I were hiking in the other one)

#Core Beliefs:  Humor, Kindness, Beauty, Expression, Creativity

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New solution to an old problem with Daddy’s help….

Remember how I told you I lost my red capo?


Think I found a solution…


Core Beliefs:  Beauty, Humor, Kindness, Creativity, Expression


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My Laptop was Stolen!

Not really…phew!  I feel like if some guy stole my laptop and got onto my grooveshark playlists, he  would totes be like “oh my gosh I have never seen such a great taste in music before!!  I want to return this immediately and just go to concerts with her!”  I’d be glad to have my computer back, but i don’t really want to date a thief…

#if your playlists are dull and lacking these days, lemme know and I’ll help ya spice them right up 🙂

Core Beliefs:  Creativity, humor, expression, kindness

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Put Your Arms Around Me…

This is my signature song, yes it is!  Anyways, I am going to include 3 versions.  But they ARE ALL GOOD!   Compare/contrast if you like.  If you wish to comment, don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  I have thick skin when it comes to this, I feel confident in my version, and I would like your honest feedback so long as you are kind and constructive!     My ranking of them are as follows:

1)  Walmart Stripped Acoustic Version

2)  Katherine Version

*Did it all-guitar, lead and harmony vocals, no autotune (the shakers were added in electronically)…oh, and I obviously don’t have a ton of experience with youtube videos yet (this is my first and only one).  Start small, dream big!

3)  Album Version

“i know they’re easy words to say, but i mean it”

*so many ups and downs but nothing’s changed, that’s why you know I’m here to stay…

*I played this for Tori and Jared and when I did she leaned over and whispered to him “that’s our wedding song.”

*WHY isn’t this song more popular?  It’s SOOO GOOD!  I guess I am the missionary bringing it to the world 🙂


Core Beliefs:  Christ, humor, expression, kindness, creativity, beauty, understanding


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A new answer to an old question….

nowadays when people ask me “what are your hopes and dreams for the future?  I NO LONGER have to say, “Hopes and dreams for the future?  I just hope I don’t crash my car on the way to the grocery store tomorrow!”

My full answer remains to be seen.  But you can bet it’ll be a good one 🙂

me and Ryan Shupe

(and that’s me and Ryan Shupe btw, he’s the titular singer of the above song)

# music


#temporal salvation
#good driver

#newfound confidence
*maslowe’s hierarchy of needs…

Core Beliefs:  kindness, Christ, humor, expression, beauty

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Don’t Live Your Life in Abstraction, Live it in Reality

If you think it’s important for husbands to talk to their children even though they don’t see them as much as their mothers do, THEN TALK TO YOUR KIDS!  Fathers, be good to your daughters…. (not one of his better songs)
If you aren’t married or don’t have kids, then talk to your nieces/nephews or friends’ kids!  Get my drift?

“if you wanna make the world a better place, then you better look at yourself and MAKE THAT CHANGE!  ~Michael Jackson (don’t really want him hanging out with my kids, though)

#don’t be a hypocrit

#practice what you preach

#am I being too preachy?

#I’m not mad sorry if this makes me sound mad, I’m not

core beliefs:  humor, expression, kindness, Christ

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Let’s put a little more church in this Church!

I love the LDS church.  I do.  But sometimes I wish we could do something like this:

Let’s put a little more church in this Church!”


#U2 concert in May 2011 CHANGED MY LIFE!

core beliefs: humor, expression, beauty, Christ

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