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Quick Hiatus

Dear Readers,

Katherine will possibly be taking a few days off from posting new stuff (although we’ll see how long it lasts).  Please believe me when I say it is NOT due to a lack of inspiration (I have so much I can barely keep up!).  It’s due to a lack of clean laundry, a need to do some stuff behind the scenes of my blog, and a strong desire to tackle other areas of my life which have suffered some neglect.  But as surely as you are reading this right now, I WILL BE BACK.  Thanks so much for reading, hope ya’ll have a wonderful few days, and now go call your mother or clean the lint out of your belly button or pay your bills or something

Love always, Katherine Anne


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“Do as the heavens have done,

forget your evil; With them forgive yourself.”

    ~William Shakespeare (A Winter’s Tale)


“…and though your sins 

[or insecurities/baggage/ idiosyncracies/lips/WHATEVER!]
be as scarletthey shall be as white as snow.”

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 12.50.29 PM


Oh, except that when it comes to lips, I prefer red

Screen shot 2013-08-17 at 12.49.52 PM

over white (LITERALLY) 8 days a week.


PS.  I am VERY careful about how I portray violence (if at all) in this blog.  So I understand if that first picture is a bit offensive, but I just love how it captures what so many of us do to ourselves.  Britney ain’t perfect, but that’s pretty genius I think.


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Just enough sexual tension to make it interesting…

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 9.51.48 AM

but not enough to make it inappropriate or uncomfortable.

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 9.52.26 AM

 I am Mormon, woman, and human, and the order of those 3 things sometimes changes.  And I want to be honest but not obscene.  There is nothing on this blog that I wouldn’t want an employer to see.  Or my mom.  There is nothing that I believe could compromise my temple recommend.  And still I bare my soul.  But it seems to be working out okay because I keep getting more and more followers 🙂

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Sneak Peak of Bobby, Tasha, and Kate’s music video: “Ring Them Bells”

Writer:  Bob Dylan

Singer:  Natasha Bedingfield

(Lip) Singer/Actress:  Katherine Anne Wilkinson

#this is what I do when I’m bored.  Come be bored with me and we’ll do it together.  Dead serious.  If you’re nice I might let you choose the song…

#someday will be in a real music video perhaps

#song is TOTES about Christ/salvation/all that good stuff

#that dress is my “prison” dress, and am wearing pretty shimmery copper eyeshadow

#song later mentions “Catherine.”  To hear Miss Bedingfield sing my name is heaven…

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Release Your Inner Rapper…


Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 7.06.52 AM


Should have worn it on my cheek instead of my forehead to make it more legit, but I was covering an actual wound/popped zit instead of trying to look like a gangster.  And I KNOW it’s hot in herrrreeeee, Mr. Nelly, but I would prefer not to, thanks.

Check out that middle guy here: 

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