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The Book of Mormon is chloroform in print….dang, Mark Twain!

the Book of Mormon is chloroform in print


Mark Twain left an indelible influence on American culture (duh). His legacy is most evident in THE great American novel “Huck Finn,” which was, among other things, a bitter satire against slavery. Twain dedicated his life to exposing the injustices of the institution and working to dissuade the public against practicing/ supporting it. 

As admirable as he was, Twain was not without his vices. For one thing, he was far from a kind person. Indeed, he could best be described as a harsh pessimist (though I personally find this trait of his to be endearing). And, to get even more specific, Twain was not a big fan of those dang Mormons. He even went so far as to say that the Book of Mormon “is chloroform in print.”


There are certain individuals, works of literature, and overall influences where we can take what we want and leave the rest. We can filter that which we believe from that which we don’t.
What are your partial influences?

From what imperfect sources do you draw some measure of inspiration (even if disagree on some things)? 

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