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Reasons to Rhyme (and a Warning on Words) [Poem]

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“Waste bin full of paper. 
Clever rhymes, see you later!”
~Natasha Bedingfield

Just because it rhymes
Doesn’t mean it fits
Even if it’s cute
Don’t necessarily use it

Create a tone consistent
Craft a style that stays
Pick the perfect parlance (for the)
Theme you hope to convey

Words are just a vehicle
for the message to get through
If you can combine words and themes with tact,
Then poet, props to you!

It doesn’t always work, though
It’s harder than it looks
The thesaurus fails you greatly
(as do all the books)

To write something worthwhile
To be clear and oh, so clever
Observe, reflect, and think
It’s a painstaking endeavor

But keep at it and refine it
Your art just may take shape
There’s little more that satisfies
Than beauty you create!

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“Why would we want to glamorize or capitalize anything that reeks of sexual violence AT ALL?!”

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“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem”

~Luke 13:34

As you can probably guess, I had an internal struggle of whether or not I wanted to include a picture of this “book.”  But the juxtaposition is powerful enough that I feel it is justified.

Men, women, and children all over the world experience sexual/ emotional/ physical abuse.  And now one of the best selling books in America (and soon to be film) tries to make this stuff look hot?!  I think I just threw up a little bit…

Read more here about my VERY strong feelings concerning “50 shades of disgusting/filth/trash.”

And as is always the case, if you believe what I’m saying, don’t be afraid to PASS THIS ALONG!

Really Awesome Readers!

What does the stuff you read say about you?

For good and for bad?

and since you are what you read,

KathBath knows that you are at least somewhat awesome!

(since you’re reading my blog!)



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“You said we’d never make my parents’ mistakes…”

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Nature vs. nurture is a theme as old (and relevant!) as any other in literature/ music/ film, etc.  So when it comes to our own lives and relationships, how much will we incorporate what we’ve seen from example (for good and for bad), and how much will we be pioneers and break new ground?

We said we’d never make our parents’ mistakes…

Lyrics Here: 

Just to clarify, PLEASE KNOW that I am NOT writing this post about my own parents.  I’m writing it because I know that not everyone is so lucky.

And to quote again from Ms. Swift, “I have an excellent father.”  Read about him here.

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Herman Melville left in a lot of his footnotes in the final publication of “Moby Dick,”


so why in the world would I take all mine out of this blog?

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