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AIDS is not God’s revenge on man…


I recently posted about the sad epidemic of AIDS.  And now I have something more to express on the matter:  Unlike some Christian perspectives, I do not believe that AIDS is evidence of God’s anger or wrath upon those who do not observe the law of chastity.  I wholeheartedly believe that God gave us the law of chastity to keep us from the terrible affliction of AIDS!

He gave us that commandment for that reason, but for other reasons, of course… 🙂

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Ok, I know this is probz asking waaaaaaay too much,

 but seriously our world would be SO MUCH BETTER

if everyone just obeyed the freakin’ law of chastity!

(waiting til you’re married to have sex)


So howzaboutcha go burn your stash of Playboys,

learn to control your raging hormones,

and wait ’til ur married to get your freak on?!


More to come…

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