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Kate Kelly & Wendy Davis: By Their Company Ye Shall Know Them

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Controversy alert! (get over it)

If there is any doubt that Kate Kelly (founder of Ordain Women) has gone completely off the deep end (AKA gone apostate), here is a picture of her posing with Texas state senator Wendy David, who famously (and miserably) filibustered for the “right” to abort viable babies past 20 weeks. Abortion is the great horror of civilization, but thankfully all can reject this great evil and be forgiven through Jesus Christ. Still, it’s telling that Ms. Kelly associates with such women as Senator Davis. Don’t be led astray.

By their fruits [and their company!] ye shall know them.”
(Matthew 7:20)

PS: If you think it’s inappropriate/ judgmental of me to post this, I’d ask you this question: who’s actions are worse-mine or Kate Kelly’s?

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Women are Presh, but don’t belong in the Priesthood Sesh!

ImageI validate many of the concerns of the Ordain Women’s movement:  Sister Kelly is a courageous hero (though I don’t agree with all her views), and is bringing much needed attention to the problem of Mormon gender inequality in a way that is respectful, logical, mature, and tactful.  She and her followers are NOT enemies, blasphemers, belligerent protestors, or disturbers to the peace at all.  They ain’t steppin’ on the toes of the Brethren, know what I mean?

The First Amendment and all it’s implications

are glorious blessings for everyone!


 However, asking for admission to the Priesthood Session is taking it too far. It’s broadcast so all can watch it, but let’s let the men have a lil’ time to themselves.  I like some time away from the guys, so I validate them wanting a bit of space from us too every now and then.  Plus, it’ll give them a breather from all our heavy perfume!

PS.  Kate and Kate both rock the purple/yellow look, huh?

Total coincidence too! 

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