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Same hurt


in every heart.

Image~Kacey Musgraves


There hath no temptation [or sorrow, sadness, loneliness] taken you

but is common to [wo]man.

~1st Corinthians 10:13


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That moment that you FINALLY make peace with the fact that you might have once let a good thing slip away that you’ll never get back again?


That’s the sweet spot.

Because it wasn’t him, it will be someone else. 

And girl, you won’t always be home alone, either!

and you hate going home alone...

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Don’t wreck my reputation…

don't wreck my reputationLET ME WRECK MY OWN!

~Kacey Musgraves

that above song one is of the greatest I have EVER heard!

*hint:  I actually do care about my reputation.

More to come on this idea.

Much more.

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The answer, my friend…


 is blowing in the wind!

~Bob Dylan

Dear friends,

Although I love Bobby (he was named after the British poet Dylan Thomas!), I proclaim that the answers to life’s questions are in actuality NOT blowing in the wind; they instead come from righteous men and women who are inspired of God!  I invite you to watch the next session or two of LDS General Conference.  Click here para más información.

Hope you take me up on that offer.  But if not, I guess we can still be friends…


And although I ADORE Kacey Musgraves,

I ain’t just blowin’ smoke…

(figuratively or literally…)

I’m tell you the answer(s), my friend(s)


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