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A special podcast, but perhaps not for all…

ImageThe following podcast is one that I think is very important and very special.  It is from John Dehlin, a famous Mormon voice in the Bloggernacle.

(The text can be found as a PDF if you google it, but again I don’t know how to upload it.)

There is much that John Dehlin produces that I do not agree with.  However, I love this particular podcast in that John acknowledges some of the doubts/hesitations/concerns/misgivings that he (and many others) have about unsavory parts of the Mormon experience and the history of the LDS church, but still reaffirms his testimony (however imperfect and incomplete it may be) and value of his membership and affiliation.

And if you are afraid that I am venturing into the territory of blasphemy, I understand where you are coming from.  So just remember what I said earlier:  If the church is true, it will win against all anti-Mormon crap out there.

And for those on the other side of the issue, YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT YOU DON’T ADMIT.  If you have aren’t 100% in, you can’t hide your feelings forever.  Deal with them constructively.  Not over the pulpit, not through an angry bashing of Mormon leaders or doctrine on Facebook, but in an appropriate, tactful way.  Line of propriety, remember?

P.S.  I still stand with the Brethren, even on the controversial issues 🙂

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Bloggernacle here I come…..


John Dehlin, let me in!  Hey Joanna!  I’m a Fanna!  (most of the time anyways….)

Love you C Jane!  Just sayin’ 🙂

*think ya’ll could use some conservative voices anyways…lemme be your Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but less annoying and more respected…

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