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The Left’s Hypocrisy on Religious Tolerance (from the Book of Mormon Musical to the Draw Muhammed contest)

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“The Book of Mormon [musical]? A Broadway hit. A figurine of Christ in a jar of urine? A museum piece. Mocking Islam and its prophet? Intolerable.”
-Eric Rozeman (writer/ editor for Washington Jewish Week)

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“[T]he media came out and defended the Texas Draw Muhammad event targeted by radical Muslims. The Chicago Tribune said the event “poke[s] wicked fun at [religion] … lampoons the ability of persons of faith to compartmentalize.” The New York Times praised the event for “scrupulously disassemb[ling]” and mocking Islam with “vignettes” that “float into the high altitudes of absurdity.” Variety called the event a “nonstop fusillade of obscenities.”

Oh, wait. Sorry, that was The Book of Mormon, the Mormonism-bashing Tony-award winning musical that actually carries a song with the lyrics “f*** you, God.” Nobody got shot for making that “brave musical.” The media worshipped it, nonetheless.

But when two radical Muslims shoot up a Draw Muhammad event in Garland, Texas, the media jump to rip the event.”
-Ben Shapiro (read!)

Hypocrisy on Religious Tolerance FTW!


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