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The Left’s Hypocrisy on Religious Tolerance (from the Book of Mormon Musical to the Draw Muhammed contest)

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“The Book of Mormon [musical]? A Broadway hit. A figurine of Christ in a jar of urine? A museum piece. Mocking Islam and its prophet? Intolerable.”
-Eric Rozeman (writer/ editor for Washington Jewish Week)

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“[T]he media came out and defended the Texas Draw Muhammad event targeted by radical Muslims. The Chicago Tribune said the event “poke[s] wicked fun at [religion] … lampoons the ability of persons of faith to compartmentalize.” The New York Times praised the event for “scrupulously disassemb[ling]” and mocking Islam with “vignettes” that “float into the high altitudes of absurdity.” Variety called the event a “nonstop fusillade of obscenities.”

Oh, wait. Sorry, that was The Book of Mormon, the Mormonism-bashing Tony-award winning musical that actually carries a song with the lyrics “f*** you, God.” Nobody got shot for making that “brave musical.” The media worshipped it, nonetheless.

But when two radical Muslims shoot up a Draw Muhammad event in Garland, Texas, the media jump to rip the event.”
-Ben Shapiro (read!)

Hypocrisy on Religious Tolerance FTW!


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If you wanna have success…


ya gotta name a successor!

This picture is of Muhammad, the founder of the major world religion of Islam. Unfortunately he didn’t name a successor prior to his death, which effectively lead to the schism of the Sunnis and the Shias, arguably the source of centuries of religious conflict and bloodshed.  Not meaning to be unkind or judgmental to Muhammad, but his mistake perfectly epitomizes the reason why major political/ecclesiastical leaders/groups MUST either choose a successor or, better yet, have a clear system set in place to do so.

If ya wanna have success,

ya gotta name a successor!

 More to come…

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