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In yo FACE!

Dear Readers:

Add me on Facebook if ya wanna! No presh.  None of at all.  But I often pose questions (that relate directly to YOU!) with links to specific posts.  It could be fun.  A few of you have done it already.  So I invite more of you to do so as well.  But again, only if you’re into that.  Totez your choice.

Image     Love, KAW


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Shout out to my boy Neil!


Just another shout out to this amazing human being, Neil Pasricha, author of the Webby-award winning blog 1000 awesome things.  Thanks for inspiring me, giving me hope and confidence, and also being a HUGE PART of the creation of this blog!

Hey Mr. PASRICHA, did you see my post about a PASHMINA scarf?  See what I did there?

Seriously though, Neil, come on out to Salt Lake.  Bring your girlfriend with you.  We’ll have a swell time.  And I’m sure with the dough you’re rolling in you can afford to take me out to eat.  Think of the traffic it would do to BOTH our blogs!  And this ain’t no truth in jest invitation.  This is….dead serious 🙂

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Something Special

This blog is something special to me, yes it is.

“More than I hoped for, more than I dreamed of”

(love it even though it ends with prepositions)

Colbie girl, you are beautiful, talented, seem very kind, and are not sleezy or a sell-out.  I wanna do music with ya, ok?  Dead serious 🙂

Boys, you better be awesome for me to hang out with instead of deepening my relationship with this blog.  Just sayin’

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Sneak Peak of Bobby, Tasha, and Kate’s music video: “Ring Them Bells”

Writer:  Bob Dylan

Singer:  Natasha Bedingfield

(Lip) Singer/Actress:  Katherine Anne Wilkinson

#this is what I do when I’m bored.  Come be bored with me and we’ll do it together.  Dead serious.  If you’re nice I might let you choose the song…

#someday will be in a real music video perhaps

#song is TOTES about Christ/salvation/all that good stuff

#that dress is my “prison” dress, and am wearing pretty shimmery copper eyeshadow

#song later mentions “Catherine.”  To hear Miss Bedingfield sing my name is heaven…

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