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“Separate but Equal” : a troublesome but still fairly accurate phrase to describe the gender spheres.

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The phrase “Separate but Equal” is infamous for its historical context. But looking past that for a moment, I think the idea behind the phrase is relevant to the discussion of gender issues, specifically feminism:

Men and women are equal, both in the laws of the land and in the eyes of God. But they are DIFFERENT. Not utterly and completely different. But they are undeniably distinct in many ways. Biologically (duh), but also cognitively and socially. To pretend that this is not the case is lunacy. Yet some people try.

I’m not going to go get myself killed by throwing around the phrase “separate but equal” in common conversation, but I do think the concept is valid when talking about separate gender identities.

Men and women can have the same rights and equal protection under the law while still acknowledging their inherent differences.

What do YOU think about this kind of thing?

More to come on this issue.

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Behind every woman scorned

Imageis a man who made her that way.


~Miranda Lambert

*I think this lyric is simultaneously pretty clever, a bit funny, but overall very sad.

*Heather likes this line a lot.

*One must be ever so careful of definitives:  The word “every” is problematic, but it works here I think.

*Faulker is certainly not my favorite author, but he was a master of the American short story and is still an important influence.  Will write more about him on this blog.  Can’t say exactly when though….

*Miranda Lambert is one of the most talented musicians today.  That girl is the real deal.  Will ABSOLUTELY write more about her on this blog.  Can’t say exactly when though….

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Mistaken Identity

A few weeks ago I went on a walk and met a man with a beautiful dog named Pumpkin (names have been changed to protect the innocent canine). We talked for a bit and the man told me how she was a wonderful friend and that he enjoyed and needed her companionship. I sat and petted and played with the dog. I’m no veterinarian, but it became increasingly clear to me that “she” was certainly NOT a “she,” if you get my drift.  I considered telling the man, but I didn’t have the heart.

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It was YOUR fault the drunk driver hit you because you were on the road when he was…

Hear how ridiculous that sounds?

Well, it’s pretty much the same as “if she hadn’t been wearing that/alone at night/flirty/drunk, she wouldn’t have gotten into any trouble.  She was asking for it.”


#victim blaming makes me fume…

NO humor in this post..  Usually a lighthearted blog, but there is NOTHING funny about abuse/assault/rape…

#Elizabeth Smart is my hero


#still use your wits but if anything happens its NOT YOUR FAULT!

#first heard of the idea of “rape culture” at the Charlotte Gilman literary conference

(where I presented my piece on “The Yellow Wallpaper”)


*getting off my soapbox now (not up here very often…)


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