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“And I’m betting you like girls that stroke your little ego…”

I got a way with words, people.  And when necessary, I’m not afraid to turn up the charm, bat my pretty (fake) lashes, and use those words TO GET WHAT I WANT.  But sometimes, people see what I’m doing and call me out on it.  “Now you’re just stroking my ego,” they’ve said before.  Well, just one question:



P.S.  I do use words to get my way, but I’m smart and careful about it too.  And even though words can be a tool, Katherine is NOT.  My words can convince and persuade, but that doesn’t mean they are phony or fake.  These words are my own; they’re from my heart. 

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Especially not literally….

If 2 people are getting to know/courting/dating, whatever you wanna call it, that’s awesome.  But once the kiss comes, whole new game plan.  I mean, I don’t need to have a ring or anything.  But here’s what:

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 7.50.32 PM


not literally kiss~

Especially not literally.

“What do kisses mean when robbed of their sacredness?”

LDS President Spencer W. Kimball

Oh, and the following video is for a certain someone who just may have inspired this post.  I am NOT angry, I am NOT vindicative, but I AM super good with the wordplay and just had to do an anonymous shout-out.  I don’t rat anyone out, but friend just COUNT (literally!) how many references I make:

How many did you find (it’s over 10…)?  Oh, the travesty…

“You know I ain’t gonna dis you on the Internet…”



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