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Gmail Password

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8 months ago I changed my gmail password to “whatsthepoint?”

This change reflected my faith crisis and somewhat existential look on life.

Recently I’ve changed it to something else.   No it’s not “GODISGREAT” or something like that.

Don’t be asking, cuz I ain’t telling….

core beliefs:  Christ, humor, expression

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Philosophy 101 with Professor K Wilkinson

The theory of existentialism posits a few things, one of which may be stated as follows:

“death just reveals the absolute absurdity of life.”  (“The Sopranos”- watched a few episodes after James Gandolfini died)

It’s true that we are born and that we later die.  But perhaps in the space betwixt birth and death, we might experience, tell, and immortalize our stories.  And if we’re lucky, we might just have a little fun while we’re at it 🙂

#humor (stretching on this one…but at least so with the post title, right?)

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