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If any of ye lack wisdom, ASK SOMEONE FOR HELP!


If you need help, ask for it.

If you “lack wisdom,” get an answer from a trustworthy source (James 1:5).
Investigate, be thorough, and don’t simply rely on your own views.

Obtaining the most accurate information often means seeking it out from other people who know or are more experienced. And while it’s commendable to be self-sufficient, never be so independent that you aren’t open to new learning and truth.

Do your research. Get legitimate information.

You’ll find the answer(s).  


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I think the other apostles are getting jealous…

that this guy gets more blog time than the rest of them.


And I KNOW Iago isn’t the greatest role model,

Image           Image

but he did rightfully warn about the green-eyed monster of jealousy: (even if the following monster has blue eyes AND blue skin…)

(used the word “warn[ed]” already…and I DO follow the apostle Paul, anyways)

And I just got struck by lightening (which followed the thunderbolt of blasphemy, of course).


And I’m very, very sad now…


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