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The Law of Thermodynamics

The entropy of my bedroom…


is always increasing!

#not proud of it, but gotta laugh so I don’t cry, know what I mean?)

#not usually this bad, just wanted to exaggerate for artistic purposes (it was moving day a few years ago)

*Famous (and weirdo) American writer Thomas Pynchon has a relatively renowned short story called “Entropy” dealing with slightly related themes, but in a less funny and more disillusioning way.  Like, we close ourselves off from the world cuz it’s so bad.  Sad.  Will write about that piece eventually…

#hey boys, if we fall in love I promise I will remedy this bedroom situation STAT and be your perfect cookie-cutter Mormon housewife!  I’ll sweep the floor if you sweep this girl off her feet.

I will sweep, sweep, sweep you off your feet…

~Ingrid Michaelson

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The Story of Maizy and Tyler


He looks at her….


She looks at him….


They look at each other…


and for just a moment, in this painful and entropic existence, all is right in the world.


and sometimes they even let me hang out with them too!

#3rd wheel but i like it

#holy clavicle (me)

#everyone needs a Tyler in their family

#never found a love like this! (Natasha Bedingfield song that describes this quite well)


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