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Anderson Cooper


is really quite SOOPER (super, btw)!


I am a fandy

of this guy Andy

He stood up for the Mormon Church

when a certain famous Reverend was being kinda a jerk..

Anderson’s classy, smart, and occasionally witty

And his blue eyes are oh so pretty

Yes I’m aware that he is gay

So don’t think I’m trying to get him to sway

his choice or anything, I just think

with eyes like ours, we should hardly ever blink!


*Click on that above link and watch a great journalist be classy and respectful, but still call someone out who is completely wrong!

*It all comes back to “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

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The glorious right of religious freedom

Image   Image  Image

holds true for EVERYBODY.

And yet I still believe KNOW! that covenants (temple or “merely” baptismal) are not something to be taken lightly.  AT ALL.  Particularly if one is in the “public eye” (thanks, Tom Petty!)…

*intentional ambiguity is one of Katherine’s favorite tools (although truthfully I’m not being very ambiguous here)

More to come on these ideas.  Much more…

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After an extensive count and REcount of the votes, I am pleased to announce the results of the title of this blog….

(if you recall I wrote earlier about my title troubles)

STAYING AS IT IS!  (but will probably drop the “wordpress” part of it soon.  looking into that)

P.S.  I’ve received exactly 3 emails on the subject matter

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If only that wasn’t cardboard my life would be (almost) complete

The most important person in that picture (at least for my life) is ME!  Not Mitt Romney…
Oh but he’s still so handsome, isn’t he?



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