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To address some concerns…

I’ve had a few people respond to some of my posts in ways that make me think that THEY think I hate myself.  Posts about bad makeup or being single or whatever.  I appreciate your concern, and also know that even with such a flavorful writer’s voice as mine, it can be hard to read emotion via technology.  But please know that I am happy!  This is not me fishing for compliments.  This is not me rejecting compliments either 🙂

If I didn’t have the confidence to poke fun at my insecurities, I wouldn’t do it.  And here’s the thing.  The sweet spot that I’ve gotten to has made it so that my insecurities lessen (and even sometimes disappear!) when I find the humor in them.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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When beauty meets humor, vanity disappears….


I felt a bit of anxiety that beauty was so important to me that I classified it as a core belief.  But that’s gone now that I’ve discovered and articulated this exciting truth.  So I’m not gonna feel bad about dishing out $40 (from time to time) to get eyelash extensions…I used to feel like one of those dumb women in the scriptures (Isaiah?) who get cursed for their vanity…no more.  I like being beautiful (within reason) and I ain’t gonna apologize ’bout that…


Core beliefs:  Umm, lil obvious I think 🙂


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