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No other success

Imagecan compensate


for FAILURE in the home.

Image  Image

~LDS President David O. Mckay


And some broken bones and a broken home are all he’ll have to show.


myth vs. experience


Dear Readers:

Let me again express that I never intend to be judgmental or unkind to anyone, not even concerning such individuals as Charlie Sheen (Although truthfully it’s hard NOT to judge such a troubled man).  I wish to emphasize that all of us are children of God.  ALL OF US.  But I just can’t help but think of how badly Mr. Sheen needs Christ.  I mean, we all do, but for some people, it is more obvious and drastically evident, know what I’m sayin’?


“No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”


(readers, remember that quote por favor.  it’s totez important)

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KATTYwhacks does NOT believe in CATTIness.

ImageAnd I may be a queen, but I ain’t into drama.

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“Even a barn looks better painted”

Said LDS Church President and Prophet David O. McKay (business partner, contemporary, and good friend, of my grandPaps Ernest Wilkinson)

even a barn looks better painted

#just painting the barn 🙂

#vanity my butt-the prophet said we should try and be beautiful!

#all things in moderation

#Follow the prophet, DON’T go astray (and be ugly, just kidding)

#how will I ever get a husband without my beautiful false eyelashes and hairdos and stuff…it’s not like I have any personality or talent or anything 🙂

“When beauty meets humor, vanity disappears.”

Core Beliefs:  beauty, humor, understanding, expression

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