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High Expectations, But Avoid Self-Frustration…

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“I expect great things from you, Katherine.”

It’s good to have great expectations for ourselves. Whether it’s academics, career, fitness, spirituality, or in any other aspect of self-improvement, we should hold ourselves to a high standard. Gordon B Hinckley (former prophet/ president of TCOJCOLDS) exhorted us, “Don’t be a scrub! Rise to the ground of excellence.”

But sometimes, unfortunately, raising the bar can mean that we are TOO hard on ourselves, especially when we make mistakes. As important as it is to have high goals, it’s even more important to practice self-compassion and self-forgiveness when we fall short.

How do you have high expectations

but avoid self-frustration?


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Hard times

ImageHard times,

let me be!


I “studied” this book in a British Lit class at BYU

Embarrassed to admit that I didn’t read it a whole bunch (Sparknotes 😦 )


High Times!

Hard Times!


Friends, we truly are living in hard times.  Perilous, even.  And there is no single answer to solve our personal/ individual troubles, let alone our world’s problems.  But may I suggest just a few:

1)  Be kind to other people

2)  Do your best to get your finances in order and be a wise steward over your things.

3)  Sacrifice what you need to to obey the laws of God even more exactly

4)  Pray

5)  Reach out to others

6)  Have hope

7)  Keep reading my blog



Hope you can find some happiness, despite these:

Hard Times.

❤ Katherine

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I ain’t comprehensive, but I sure am extensive!

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So I don’t write about it all (“it all” being anything and everything going on in my life and in the Universe as a whole).  But I most certainly would if I could!  In the words of Evita, “the physical interferes.”  Like, I gotta eat and shower and go to work and socialize and stuff!  And guess what?  Those seemingly mundane things inspire me all the more!  Good problem to have, but yes, still (somewhat of) a problem.  I am constantly wanting to read, and to write about what I read.  I try my best, but writing this blog isn’t an exact science.  Still, I celebrate what I do write.  And also that I write a lot.  Like, a LOT!  And in case you haven’t noticed, I write about a TON of stuff:  The gospel, John Mayer, my love life (or lack, thereof), Natasha Bedingfield, social issues, Charles Dickens, and John Mayer again.  And those are just a few;   you see, the list is never ending!  A never-ending story.  Variety is my middle name!  Not really, but it might be as well be!  Katherine Anne Variety Wilkinson.  Got a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

My blog ain’t comprehensive

but it sure is extensive!


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