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Poetry vs. Sunshine

ImageDon’t think I didn’t catch that reference, Mindy!  Nothing flies past my Natasha radar.  Haha, she inspires a lot of us I guess 🙂  I’m not too familiar with your stuff, but I guess I’ll have to check it out sometime….and I’m TOTES up for collaboration.  Just sayin’

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I wish I could clone myself a few times….


to make it so that I could write this blog a little faster!

Thanks to famous blogger C Jane for helping inspire me a lil with this one.

“Close your eyes and clone yourself…”

The LDS Church doesn’t have an official stance, but still truth in jest 🙂

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Bloggernacle here I come…..


John Dehlin, let me in!  Hey Joanna!  I’m a Fanna!  (most of the time anyways….)

Love you C Jane!  Just sayin’ 🙂

*think ya’ll could use some conservative voices anyways…lemme be your Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but less annoying and more respected…

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