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Look who’s talking now! (the post in which I brag about my success)

When my blog was approximately 10 days old, I asked a veteran blogger to take a look and give me some constructive feedback.  He told me in no uncertain terms that while my blog was a cute thing for me to do for myself, it wouldn’t go anywhere.  Now I have more views in more countries in 4 months than he does in 5 years.  I hold no ill feelings toward this person, but I’m definitely having the last laugh on this one…


Bragging may be nagging,

but hey, I’m only human!


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Our dreams will break the boundaries of our fear(s).


~Brandon Flowers

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Is bragging about your blog.

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 3.41.58 AM

I try hard not to do that, but no promises.  I am only human after all:

Oh and speaking of, Brandon Flowers IS Mormon.  Check it out!

And just back to blagging for one second, yes I have earned money, yes, I do have readers in 34 countries, yes I have made friends and helped others’ network as well, yes I have been able to email people in Alaska about the Book of Mormon, yes I have people contacting me about product reviews, and yes I am happy.  But I digress…



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