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Do not let your passions

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your dreams.

~Sir LANCElot (from “Camelot”)

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LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson often warns of this temptation

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See that ye bridle all your passions

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Alma 38:12

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1) How do these simple and profound truths relate to you?

2)  How can you make sure that you stay in control of your passions so that you can reach your dreams?




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Girls on Bikes in Stripes!

Tonight I drove to a Family Home Evening activity.  I had the directions, but as often happens, I got a little lost!  I saw these 2 cute girls and I just had a feelin’ they could help me out.Image

and they did!  I found where I was going in no time.  Pretty, athletic, nice, and street smart all in one.  Thanks girls!

(This song is oh so cute…)


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