Cognitive Dissonance (A Poem)

“Be as candid about your questions as you need to be;
life is full of them on one subject or another.”
-Jeffrey R. Holland

Just admit the dissonance 
Between the truth and narrative 
It’s hardly ever comfortable 
But say it, and it’s tolerable 

Some things cannot be reconciled
At least not by the earthly mind 
The answers don’t come easily
There’s still a chance to find some peace 

All the ways your heart’s involved 
All the puzzles you can’t solve 
Save questions for another day 
The soul can simply need a break 

A worldview that’s been challenged 
A hope that lies in balance 
A crisis of the faith that you
Can’t explain away 

Truth somehow will still endure
Even when you’re just not sure 
Hold fast and stand your ground of the 
Truth that you once found 

Not saying do not question
Or close your eyes to reason
No perfect, tight solution (imperfect)
Peace amidst confusion


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How To Sell (A Poem)

The sale is imperceptible
The close is undetectable
If value’s indispensable
It all will be so natural

Just lead them down the funnel
Just guide them down the channel
Avoid the use of pressure
(That helps exactly never)

Confident, assertive
Run from being coercive
Always be supportive
Discover sales converted

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Struggle In the Small Things (A Poem)

I struggle in the small things
They seem so hard for me
All the things that seem to come to
Others naturally

I’m challenged by the mundane
There’s fear, anxiety
The smallest undertaking seems a
Monumental feat

I’m overwhelmed by details
It all just gets to me
Like raising kids and just keeping
My stupid kitchen clean

I struggle in the small things
There’s not much more to say
Best I can do is keep on truckin’
Going day by day

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Selling A Service (a poem)

When selling a service,
There’s no debt to eat
When selling a service,
No inventory

When selling a service
There’s almost no risk
When selling a service
The startup is quick

When selling a service
It’s all what you do
When selling a service
The product is YOU!

I don’t hate the tangibles
They don’t come for free
But selling a service is
What works for me 🙂

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Pray For Your Business (a poem)

“Cry unto him over the crops of your fields, that ye may prosper in them.
Cry over the flocks of your fields, that they may increase.”
-Alma 34:24-25

Pray for your business
Pray for your scores
Pray for encounters to
Open up doors

Pray for your clients
Those that you serve
Pray to deliver the
Things they deserve

Pray in successes
Pray as your grow
Pray to remember from
Whom blessings flow

Pray in your failures
The lowest of lows
Pray to learn something
Then let the rest go

Pray for your business
Your work or career
Pray, get to WORK, and then
Good things appear

“The Lord would want you to be successful. He would.”
-President Gordon B. Hinckley

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The Paradox of Peace (Sidewalk Advocacy)

A paradox of peace
The method employed
The more you abide (the more)
“Business” destroyed

Assertive and confident
Not bossy, but bold
(And yes, you belong there
Despite what you’ve been told)

NEVER be violent
Always be kind
Trust precedes chances to
Change someone’s mind

The more that you’re “normal”
The more people talk
Miracles happen there
On the sidewalk 

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Steps to the Sale: Marketing 101 (A Poem)

Attention is when they know you exist
The next step is to generate interest 
Desire is wanting the thing you provide
The definitive point is when they decide 
Conversion, transaction is closing the deal
Congratulations! You just made a sale 

“Always be closing.”
-Glengarry Glen Ross

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