Steps to the Sale: Marketing 101 (A Poem)

Attention is when they know you exist
The next step is to generate interest 
Desire is wanting the thing you provide
The definitive point is when they decide 
Conversion, transaction is closing the deal
Congratulations! You just made a sale 

“Always be closing.”
-Glengarry Glen Ross


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Two Kinds of Value (a poem)

The Lord would want you to be successful.”
-President Gordon B. Hinckley 

Two kinds of value, two kinds of worth
One from the market, one before birth
One is a constant, one fluctuates
One is inherent, and one can be changed

The way that our Heavenly Parents see you
And then all the skills and the things you can do
You need to provide, should pursue a career
Gain knowledge, experience, stand out in your field.

So go make great money. Go big and go win!
But don’t ever let dirty pride sneak on in
And while your aspire and make a great name
Remember to God that we all are the same

“The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.”
-Doctrine & Covenants 18:10

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Don’t Eat the Fruit (a poem)

“When reminded about the premortal shouting for joy,
in some moments, we wonder what all the shouting was about.”
-Neal A. Maxwell 

Don’t eat the fruit 
Ignore the damn snake
The joys you experience 
Won’t outweigh the pain

Keep yourself safe
Avoid bitter cups
Maybe it’s worth the
Things you’ll give up

You can’t stop the train
So don’t even board
You don’t have a clue of the
Wreckage in store
Sure thought I could handle it, thought I was strong
But lately it seems I could not be more wrong.

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Ball’s In Their Court (a poem)

I like when clients don’t respond
I get a little break
That thing I’ve been avoiding
(Now I’ve) Got a few more days

I like when they apologize
“So sorry for delays!”
I reassure them all is fine
Emoji smiley face

When the ball is in their court,
I like when they don’t play
If somebody’s been slacking
(It’s not) Me who’s off my game

I don’t mind when they ghost me
When it comes to pay
If money’s there in escrow
I get it either way 


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Only So Much Heaviness (a poem)

Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 11.22.28 AM


There’s only so much heaviness the human heart can take
The bricks of burden start to stack, your back will surely break

The sorrow starts to seep in, soon you’re swimming in the shame
The doubt, the darkness, and the death can speak dread to your name

I’ve grant it to the garden, give Gethsemane my grief
Resilience, rest my heart, relax, and feel some sweet relief

There’s only so much heaviness the human heart can take.
I’m at my max capacity, so God, take it away!

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Why I Don’t Outsource (A Poem)

It’s so hard to hire
It’s too tough to trust
Somebody else to do
Some of my stuff

I’m sure there’s more money
More dough I could make 
But what if the person I 
Pay’s a mistake?

Perfection’s my best and my 
Worst tendency 
There’s nobody else who can 
Do it like me

It’s probably pride 
Very well could be 
For now, I’ll stay solo
My own agency

Down the road maybe 
For now I’ll say no 
Content to remain as a 
One-woman show 

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Blueprint, Budget, Timeline (a poem)

“Which of you, intending to build a tower,
sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost,
whether he have sufficient to finish?”

-Jesus (Luke 14:28)

Blueprint, budget, timeline
The three most crucial parts
Pay painstaking attention
Before you ever start

What’s the plan for building? 
What’s the final cost?
What’s the schedule look like? 
Not one detail gets long lost

Break down the analysis 
The plan, the time, the price 
And then when you’re all through with that
Look it over twice

Blueprint, budget, timeline 
Don’t leave out even one
Execute with wisdom 
Until the job is done 

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