Falling Out Of Fashion?

“There, I just said it. I’m scared you’ll forget about me.” -John Mayer
Will my books of poems just sit on the shelf?
(Will they) ever be read by anyone else?
In a world where everyone baits for clicks
There’s anxiety that my stuff just won’t stick.

Will the things that I create
Stand the test of time? (Is it)
Yet another case of
Out of sight, then out of mind?

New posts and opinions come out every day (why would)
Anyone care what I have to say?
We’re all searching for meaning, a sort of permanence
All while fighting to maintain relevance

Maybe my words won’t last
I’ll swallow that reality
But I’ll keep and collect them,
guard and protect them
Even if just for me
“What bothers me most is being another unremembered casualty. We all want to be remembered.”
-The Fault In Our Stars



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Weary the Lord

“Weary the Lord”
-Joseph Smith Jr.

Open up to God
Tell Him all your fears
He’ll listen to it all
There’s nothing He won’t hear

Spill your insecurities
Your (quiet) desperation
Tell all your anxieties
Every (past) frustration

Pray daily, even hourly
More so, if you need
Do what fits the situation
Cry, confess, and plead

Our sins, mistakes may stain us
But of this be sure:
There’s nothing we can do
We can’t be too impure

No topic is off limits (for the)
Lord who gave you life
He’ll love and listen every hour
In the day or night

So when your heart is heavy
Fall down on your knees
Open up to God
You can experience peace

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Get Clear On Your Values (a poem)

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”
-Winston Churchill

Get clear on your values
What matters most to you?
And are those things reflected
In what you say and do?

Choices indicate
Your top priorities
Make sure those things get picked first
They’ve earned seniority

Don’t throw stones at all that barks
Most of it’s for naught
So many pointless issues
That clutter up your thoughts

Know what’s most important then
Pursue persistently
Know your values, then go after
Them relentlessly

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Navigate Emotions (a poem)

Navigate emotions
Sort out how you feel
Process your experience (it can
Be a way to heal)

Not easy, can be painful
I’ve felt it all too clear
When they’re fragile, tender
Like shame, regret, or fear

Not saying they should dictate (every)
Aspect of your life
Still, feelings unresolved
Can cause internal strife

Untangle and unpack them
What’s their genesis?
Knowing where they came from can be
To your benefit

Navigate emotions (don’t just)
Put them on the shelf
Process your experience
Understand yourself

“Know thyself”


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No Other Gods (A Poem)


“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”
-Exodus 20:3

When hobbies turn to idols
When passions turn to gods
What’s gone wrong in the system?
What paradigm is flawed?

There’s no inherent evil (in the)
Things that I pursue
But when obsession overtakes
Priorities get skewed

Stay vigilant, be careful
There’s poison by degrees
The subtlest seduction (leads to)
Hell so carefully

The Lord has promised this:
(and I know the words are true)
Seek Him first, then all else will be
Added unto you

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Speak Highly of Others (a poem)

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of thy mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying.”
-Ephesians 4:29

Speak highly of others
Don’t dwell on their wrongs
Make sure that their names
Are safe on your tongue

Lift up with your words
Let compliments flow
Choose to see good (in)
Those that you know

No one is perfect
We all need some work (still their)
Character shouldn’t be
Dragged through the dirt

Not saying to lie
No need to pretend
Just try and you’ll see (the)
Beauty in them

Speak highly of others (have a)
Positive view
Then others can see
The light in you, too

“For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.”
-Audrey Hepburn



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Iron Out the Kinks (Poem)

“I conceived the bold and arduous project
of arriving at moral perfection.”
-Ben Franklin

Iron out the kinks
Smooth out the seams
Eliminate things that
Distract from your dreams

Sharpen your game
Trim any fat
Streamline the system
Cut out the crap

Refine your bad habits
Improve over time
Pull out the weeds that
Litter your mind

Tighten the belt
Straighten the slack
Refill or redo where
Anything lacks

Take pride in your work
Casualness won’t do
(Mediocrity just
Doesn’t suit you)

Perfection these days seems to
Have a bad name
May not always hit it;
at least we can aim!

“Don’t be a scrub! Rise to the high ground of spiritual, mental, and physical excellence. Mediocrity will never do; you are capable of something better.”
-Gordon B Hinckley

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