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Supply-Induced Demand (A Sonnet)

Supply-induced demand (is when a)
Product is at hand 
And some will choose to buy 
Just because there’s a supply

They keep an extra stash 
As a way to get your cash 
It’s not really a need
Just a craving you can feed

But I’m not falling for it 
I simply just ignore it 
I know the tactics well 
For the chosen ways to sell

So market your stuff with your best strategy 
Good chance that you’ll be getting nothing from me 


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The Borrower Is Slave (a poem)

“The borrower is slave to the lender.”

Cut the cards
Lose the loans
Ditch the debt 
Nix the notes

My car may be old
My stuff may be small
But here’s why I win:

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Full Court Press (A Poem)

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“Innocent blood crieth from the ground.”
-Doctrine & Covenants 136:6

Full court press
Take them down
Run them clear right
Out of town

Cards in place
The time is right
We won’t back down,
Prepared to fight

Voices of victims
Rise from the dust
Their blood cries out
Demanding justice

Despite what they claim they are
No woman’s friend
A kingdom of lies always
Falls in the end

Only God redeems the past
But we’ll make sure that they won’t last

“The house of the wicked shall be destroyed.”
-Proverbs 14:11

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Raise Your Prices (A Mini Poem)

If everyone agrees to buy
And no one says you charge too high
If nobody will tell you no
That means your prices are too low!

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Be Not Deceived (A Sonnet)

Be Not Deceived.
-Galatians 6:7

Are they actually duped?
Or part of the scheme 
Thrown for a loop?
Or not what they seem

Part of the lies?
Or fell for the hoax
Snake in disguise?
Or tricked by the joke
Who has clean hands?
Which ones have blood
Who says what they mean?
Who’s wearing a hood

We want to believe their intentions are pure
For some that may be, but can never be sure 

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Lift Where You Stand (A Poem)

“Lift Where You Stand”
-Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Lift where you stand
Do what you can
The weight’s not yours alone

Feels like a boulder is
Crushing my shoulder
Just want to go back home

Sleep and replenish
Don’t have to finish
All that has to be done

You’re strong and you’re brave
And eager to save
But still, you’re only one

The pain is real
The shame I feel
And all that heavy stuff

Do well thy part
Give all your heart
Then let that be enough

She hath done what she could
Lift where you stand
Do well thy part

“She hath done what she could.”
-Mark 14:8

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Secret Works Brought To Light: A Poem to Planned Parenthood of Utah

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“I will bring forth out of darkness unto light
all their secret works and their abominations.”
-Alma 37: 25

You’re my favorite hobby
I’ll work to bring you down
Expose your dirty secrets 
And run you out of town

Might say that I’m obsessed with you
Not something I’d deny
I’ll take it as a badge of honor
Wear that name with pride

Masters of deception
For years, you’ve flat out lied
The damage that you’ve done
Cannot be quantified

But now we’re onto you, we’ll bring your
Secret works to light
Start shaking in your shoes
We’re prepping for the fight

You’ve got a strong resistance
An army of support
But truth can’t hide forever
We know the final score

The days you have are numbered
So take a look around
You don’t have too much longer to
Contaminate this town

The numbers and the scandals
Are catching up to you
No matter how you try, we’ll never
Stop until you’re through

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