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Necessary Endings (a poem)

“Getting to the next level always requires ending something, letting go, and moving on.” -Henry Cloud (“Necessary Endings”)

Cut your losses, close up shop (when)
It’s not working, time to stop
It’s hardly fun and can be scary 
Some endings are necessary

Maintenance of vitality (through)
Closure & finality
Weed your garden to survive (makes)
What’s desired grow and thrive

Clear up space inside your head
Don’t seek life among the dead
I know it’s painful to let go
You’d be surprised how much you grow 🌸

“Why seek ye the living among the dead?”
-Luke 24:5

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A Line That Lit A Fire (Poem)

A line that lit a fire
Ideas that inspire
A one-time, offhand phrase (that others)
Might just throw away

A sentence that can spark
Major change from a remark
What may seem casual (to me’s)
Beyond invaluable

The words that spoke to me (become so)
Seared in memory
They permeate my heart
So I get up and I start

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The Truth (A Poem)

Prefer the truth hard
Don’t water it down
The filler for feelings
Can make the facts drown

Don’t swerve just to soften
I face it head on
There’s self-coping skills (if the)
Blow gets too strong

I’ll calm myself down if my
Heart’s overloaded
What I need from you is to
Not sugarcoat it

When reality’s harsh (I don’t)
Live in denial
Avoiding the problem is
Never my style

The truth may sting
Can hurt like hell
And still it’s much better than
Lies that we tell

I’ve found no fulfillment in
False fantasies
Pain can be present, but
Truth makes us free

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Stepping Stone Stranger (A Limerick Poem)

You gave me wings
The future me
Would need to get away

Taught me to fly
To say goodbye
When I no longer could stay

The sadness remains
The joy mixed with pain
My gratitude is strong

But lately it seems
We’re ripped at the seams
You sing a different song

The world has changed
Our values strained
My goal’s not one you see

Not hard to spy
The ways we disagree

I wish you well (and)
Time will tell
The way our stories end

But thanks for this
The work and bliss
I’ll always call you friend

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Check In With Clients (A Poem)

I like the sound of silence
An unresponsive client
I truly do not not mind, but still check
In from time to time

The ball is their court
You’re pretty much ignored
No need at all to bug or
Throw your shoulders in a shrug

Don’t let it go too long (though you are)
Not the one in the wrong
Communicate, reach out
When there’s ever any doubt

Fine line between persistence
And sheer, downright annoyance
Just cover your own A
So you can get your PAY! 

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I Wish I Had the Heart (A Poem)

I wish I had the heart
I want to have the time
To see to every part
Of all that’s on my mind

Of friends both past and new
Of family gone and here
Of things that I could do
The passions I hold dear

The limits of our lives
The tasks I’m caught between
Don’t mean that I don’t strive
To see to all I dream

For now, I’ll do what’s small
Keep one on eye on the prize
If I can only crawl
Some day, I’ll reach the skies

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Business is Booming (A Poem)

Business is booming
Deadlines are looming
The thrill of the sale
The fear I could fail

Trade-offs for cash
To save up that stash
A time for all things
The season it brings

An influx of leads (all came)
Crashing with speed
Workload’s increased
There’s famines and feasts

So go! Start to run.
Go get all your work done.
At the end of the day
It’s all for the pay

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