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The Truth (A Poem)

Prefer the truth hard
Don’t water it down
The filler for feelings
Can make the facts drown

Don’t swerve just to soften
I face it head on
There’s self-coping skills (if the)
Blow gets too strong

I’ll calm myself down if my
Heart’s overloaded
What I need from you is to
Not sugarcoat it

When reality’s harsh (I don’t)
Live in denial
Avoiding the problem is
Never my style

The truth may sting
Can hurt like hell
And still it’s much better than
Lies that we tell

I’ve found no fulfillment in
False fantasies
Pain can be present, but
Truth makes us free

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Stepping Stone Stranger (A Limerick Poem)

You gave me wings
The future me
Would need to get away

Taught me to fly
To say goodbye
When I no longer could stay

The sadness remains
The joy mixed with pain
My gratitude is strong

But lately it seems
We’re ripped at the seams
You sing a different song

The world has changed
Our values strained
My goal’s not one you see

Not hard to spy
The ways we disagree

I wish you well (and)
Time will tell
The way our stories end

But thanks for this
The work and bliss
I’ll always call you friend

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Check In With Clients (A Poem)

I like the sound of silence
An unresponsive client
I truly do not not mind, but still check
In from time to time

The ball is their court
You’re pretty much ignored
No need at all to bug or
Throw your shoulders in a shrug

Don’t let it go too long (though you are)
Not the one in the wrong
Communicate, reach out
When there’s ever any doubt

Fine line between persistence
And sheer, downright annoyance
Just cover your own A
So you can get your PAY! 

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I Wish I Had the Heart (A Poem)

I wish I had the heart
I want to have the time
To see to every part
Of all that’s on my mind

Of friends both past and new
Of family gone and here
Of things that I could do
The passions I hold dear

The limits of our lives
The tasks I’m caught between
Don’t mean that I don’t strive
To see to all I dream

For now, I’ll do what’s small
Keep one on eye on the prize
If I can only crawl
Some day, I’ll reach the skies

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Business is Booming (A Poem)

Business is booming
Deadlines are looming
The thrill of the sale
The fear I could fail

Trade-offs for cash
To save up that stash
A time for all things
The season it brings

An influx of leads (all came)
Crashing with speed
Workload’s increased
There’s famines and feasts

So go! Start to run.
Go get all your work done.
At the end of the day
It’s all for the pay

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Cognitive Dissonance (A Poem)

“Be as candid about your questions as you need to be;
life is full of them on one subject or another.”
-Jeffrey R. Holland

Just admit the dissonance 
Between the truth and narrative 
It’s hardly ever comfortable 
But say it, and it’s tolerable 

Some things cannot be reconciled
At least not by the earthly mind 
The answers don’t come easily
There’s still a chance to find some peace 

All the ways your heart’s involved 
All the puzzles you can’t solve 
Save questions for another day 
The soul can simply need a break 

A worldview that’s been challenged 
A hope that lies in balance 
A crisis of the faith that you
Can’t explain away 

Truth somehow will still endure
Even when you’re just not sure 
Hold fast and stand your ground of the 
Truth that you once found 

Not saying do not question
Or close your eyes to reason
No perfect, tight solution (imperfect)
Peace amidst confusion

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How To Sell (A Poem)

The sale is imperceptible
The close is undetectable
If value’s indispensable
It all will be so natural

Just lead them down the funnel
Just guide them down the channel
Avoid the use of pressure
(That helps exactly never)

Confident, assertive
Run from being coercive
Always be supportive
Discover sales converted

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Struggle In the Small Things (A Poem)

I struggle in the small things
They seem so hard for me
All the things that seem to come to
Others naturally

I’m challenged by the mundane
There’s fear, anxiety
The smallest undertaking seems a
Monumental feat

I’m overwhelmed by details
It all just gets to me
Like raising kids and just keeping
My stupid kitchen clean

I struggle in the small things
There’s not much more to say
Best I can do is keep on truckin’
Going day by day

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Selling A Service (a poem)

When selling a service,
There’s no debt to eat
When selling a service,
No inventory

When selling a service
There’s almost no risk
When selling a service
The startup is quick

When selling a service
It’s all what you do
When selling a service
The product is YOU!

I don’t hate the tangibles
They don’t come for free
But selling a service is
What works for me 🙂

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Pray For Your Business (a poem)

“Cry unto him over the crops of your fields, that ye may prosper in them.
Cry over the flocks of your fields, that they may increase.”
-Alma 34:24-25

Pray for your business
Pray for your scores
Pray for encounters to
Open up doors

Pray for your clients
Those that you serve
Pray to deliver the
Things they deserve

Pray in successes
Pray as your grow
Pray to remember from
Whom blessings flow

Pray in your failures
The lowest of lows
Pray to learn something
Then let the rest go

Pray for your business
Your work or career
Pray, get to WORK, and then
Good things appear

“The Lord would want you to be successful. He would.”
-President Gordon B. Hinckley

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The Paradox of Peace (Sidewalk Advocacy)

A paradox of peace
The method employed
The more you abide (the more)
“Business” destroyed

Assertive and confident
Not bossy, but bold
(And yes, you belong there
Despite what you’ve been told)

NEVER be violent
Always be kind
Trust precedes chances to
Change someone’s mind

The more that you’re “normal”
The more people talk
Miracles happen there
On the sidewalk 

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Steps to the Sale: Marketing 101 (A Poem)

Attention is when they know you exist
The next step is to generate interest 
Desire is wanting the thing you provide
The definitive point is when they decide 
Conversion, transaction is closing the deal
Congratulations! You just made a sale 

“Always be closing.”
-Glengarry Glen Ross

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Two Kinds of Value (a poem)

The Lord would want you to be successful.”
-President Gordon B. Hinckley 

Two kinds of value, two kinds of worth
One from the market, one before birth
One is a constant, one fluctuates
One is inherent, and one can be changed

The way that our Heavenly Parents see you
And then all the skills and the things you can do
You need to provide, should pursue a career
Gain knowledge, experience, stand out in your field.

So go make great money. Go big and go win!
But don’t ever let dirty pride sneak on in
And while your aspire and make a great name
Remember to God that we all are the same

“The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.”
-Doctrine & Covenants 18:10

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Don’t Eat the Fruit (a poem)

“When reminded about the premortal shouting for joy,
in some moments, we wonder what all the shouting was about.”
-Neal A. Maxwell 

Don’t eat the fruit 
Ignore the damn snake
The joys you experience 
Won’t outweigh the pain

Keep yourself safe
Avoid bitter cups
Maybe it’s worth the
Things you’ll give up

You can’t stop the train
So don’t even board
You don’t have a clue of the
Wreckage in store
Sure thought I could handle it, thought I was strong
But lately it seems I could not be more wrong.

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Ball’s In Their Court (a poem)

I like when clients don’t respond
I get a little break
That thing I’ve been avoiding
(Now I’ve) Got a few more days

I like when they apologize
“So sorry for delays!”
I reassure them all is fine
Emoji smiley face

When the ball is in their court,
I like when they don’t play
If somebody’s been slacking
(It’s not) Me who’s off my game

I don’t mind when they ghost me
When it comes to pay
If money’s there in escrow
I get it either way 


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Only So Much Heaviness (a poem)

Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 11.22.28 AM


There’s only so much heaviness the human heart can take
The bricks of burden start to stack, your back will surely break

The sorrow starts to seep in, soon you’re swimming in the shame
The doubt, the darkness, and the death can speak dread to your name

I’ve grant it to the garden, give Gethsemane my grief
Resilience, rest my heart, relax, and feel some sweet relief

There’s only so much heaviness the human heart can take.
I’m at my max capacity, so God, take it away!

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Why I Don’t Outsource (A Poem)

It’s so hard to hire
It’s too tough to trust
Somebody else to do
Some of my stuff

I’m sure there’s more money
More dough I could make 
But what if the person I 
Pay’s a mistake?

Perfection’s my best and my 
Worst tendency 
There’s nobody else who can 
Do it like me

It’s probably pride 
Very well could be 
For now, I’ll stay solo
My own agency

Down the road maybe 
For now I’ll say no 
Content to remain as a 
One-woman show 

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Blueprint, Budget, Timeline (a poem)

“Which of you, intending to build a tower,
sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost,
whether he have sufficient to finish?”

-Jesus (Luke 14:28)

Blueprint, budget, timeline
The three most crucial parts
Pay painstaking attention
Before you ever start

What’s the plan for building? 
What’s the final cost?
What’s the schedule look like? 
Not one detail gets long lost

Break down the analysis 
The plan, the time, the price 
And then when you’re all through with that
Look it over twice

Blueprint, budget, timeline 
Don’t leave out even one
Execute with wisdom 
Until the job is done 

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No Guarantee

“I wonder sometimes about the outcome.”
-John Mayer

I need some sort of guarantee
To help with the anxiety
Can’t stand all the uncertainty
It’s not so slowly killing me

Stuff that it would help to know
How it ends, the story goes
It probably would scare me though, so
God in wisdom has said no

It seems I’ve got the checklist life
Some babies and somebody’s wife
But still, there’s all this inner strife
(And pain you could cut with a knife)

And all in all, it’s still just me
No changes fundamentally
Still the girl I used to be
Just more responsibility

The guarantee’s not coming
Not sure of the next turn
Best I can do is see it through
And try my best to learn 

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Outsource Too Far (A Poem)

Outsource too far and some
Details get lost
Some choose to do it
No matter the cost
The time and the transfer of
What’s in your brain
Does not seem efficient
But I won’t complain

An hour to describe
A 5 minute task
“Is this really smart?”
(Oh, I’ll never ask)

I’ll take the job off of your
Plate all the way
As long as there’s cash at the
End of the day 

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Cognitive Check-Up (a poem)

Some things I think about way too much
Some things don’t think about near enough
When living in a world with so much stuff
Priorities easily get mixed up

Wise is the one who stays focused
On the things that matter most
When there’s so much to distract you
What can you control?

The mental load is heavy
Some things you’ve got to cut
The brain has been a dumping ground
Which fences should you shut?

Discern your energies
Preside well over time
Get clear on your values
Regulate your mind

The task is far from easy
The job is never through
But checking your cognition
Is something you should do!

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Supply-Induced Demand (A Sonnet)

Supply-induced demand (is when a)
Product is at hand 
And some will choose to buy 
Just because there’s a supply

They keep an extra stash 
As a way to get your cash 
It’s not really a need
Just a craving you can feed

But I’m not falling for it 
I simply just ignore it 
I know the tactics well 
For the chosen ways to sell

So market your stuff with your best strategy 
Good chance that you’ll be getting nothing from me 

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The Borrower Is Slave (a poem)

“The borrower is slave to the lender.”

Cut the cards
Lose the loans
Ditch the debt 
Nix the notes

My car may be old
My stuff may be small
But here’s why I win:

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Full Court Press (A Poem)

Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 9.48.27 PM

“Innocent blood crieth from the ground.”
-Doctrine & Covenants 136:6

Full court press
Take them down
Run them clear right
Out of town

Cards in place
The time is right
We won’t back down,
Prepared to fight

Voices of victims
Rise from the dust
Their blood cries out
Demanding justice

Despite what they claim they are
No woman’s friend
A kingdom of lies always
Falls in the end

Only God redeems the past
But we’ll make sure that they won’t last

“The house of the wicked shall be destroyed.”
-Proverbs 14:11

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Raise Your Prices (A Mini Poem)

If everyone agrees to buy
And no one says you charge too high
If nobody will tell you no
That means your prices are too low!

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Be Not Deceived (A Sonnet)

Be Not Deceived.
-Galatians 6:7

Are they actually duped?
Or part of the scheme 
Thrown for a loop?
Or not what they seem

Part of the lies?
Or fell for the hoax
Snake in disguise?
Or tricked by the joke
Who has clean hands?
Which ones have blood
Who says what they mean?
Who’s wearing a hood

We want to believe their intentions are pure
For some that may be, but can never be sure 

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Lift Where You Stand (A Poem)

“Lift Where You Stand”
-Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Lift where you stand
Do what you can
The weight’s not yours alone

Feels like a boulder is
Crushing my shoulder
Just want to go back home

Sleep and replenish
Don’t have to finish
All that has to be done

You’re strong and you’re brave
And eager to save
But still, you’re only one

The pain is real
The shame I feel
And all that heavy stuff

Do well thy part
Give all your heart
Then let that be enough

She hath done what she could
Lift where you stand
Do well thy part

“She hath done what she could.”
-Mark 14:8

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Secret Works Brought To Light: A Poem to Planned Parenthood of Utah

Screenshot 2018-05-19 at 10.12.44 PM

“I will bring forth out of darkness unto light
all their secret works and their abominations.”
-Alma 37: 25

You’re my favorite hobby
I’ll work to bring you down
Expose your dirty secrets 
And run you out of town

Might say that I’m obsessed with you
Not something I’d deny
I’ll take it as a badge of honor
Wear that name with pride

Masters of deception
For years, you’ve flat out lied
The damage that you’ve done
Cannot be quantified

But now we’re onto you, we’ll bring your
Secret works to light
Start shaking in your shoes
We’re prepping for the fight

You’ve got a strong resistance
An army of support
But truth can’t hide forever
We know the final score

The days you have are numbered
So take a look around
You don’t have too much longer to
Contaminate this town

The numbers and the scandals
Are catching up to you
No matter how you try, we’ll never
Stop until you’re through

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Asymmetrical Information (Mini Poem)

If you’re a 6 and they’re a 2
They still could eas’ly hire you
You don’t have to be a 10
You just have to know more than them!


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Gig Economy

One-offs aren’t desired
We want clients long-term
I’ll buck the norm because for me
Small projects are preferred
I like the quick commitment
Don’t want to be tied down
I’ll get you what you’re needing with a
Lightening turnaround
I’ve still got long-term people
But not afraid to hop
Perhaps collaborate again
Could be, but maybe not
I know it’s not best practice
And some may think me odd
But still I dig, the little gig
I like the smaller jobs!

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Stretch (A Poem)

Stretch yourself, but not too far (when)
You’re not qualified
If you can’t complete the task
They’ll find out that you lied 

But don’t just take the lowest fruit (that’s)
Hanging in your face
Get outside your zone and try to
Find the middle pace

Even when you don’t know all the
Details of the stuff
Speaking with authority
Can often be enough

No hard set of rules (it’s all a)
Toss-up, case by case
If you should decline, or if it’s
Something you could ace 

“If you decide that you’re going to do only the things you know are going to work,
you’re going to leave a lot of opportunity on the table.”
-Jeff Bezos

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Food Groups

If it’s not veggies , not eggs Egg on Apple , or not meat 
Then it’s not a food that I’m going to eat 
No dairy, no gluten , no fruit , & no sweets 
It has to be veggies, be eggs 🍳,or be meat 
PS: Once a week, I relax, and I cheat 🌮

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The Hardest Part (A Mini Poem)

The hardest part’s not setting goals
That’s not somewhere I lack
The hardest part is after failure,
Getting back on track

“Sometimes courage is that little voice
at the end of the day that says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.'”
-Thomas S. Monson

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Sales Pitch

Everything’s a sales pitch
Or some kind of persuasion
To sell a service/ product
Or to sell a certain vision

To take specific action or to
Think a certain way
Communication’s powerful
To influence and sway

Not necessar’lly sleazy
Can be for a great good
To motivate someone to act
The way they probably should

It may be blatant, obvious
But subtlety’s compelling
Everything’s a pitch so think of
What it is you’re selling!

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Glad I Have The Answer (mini poem)

Glad I’ve got the answer (though it’s)
Not the one I want
Now that this is settled (I’ll)
Continue with the hunt


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Triangulation (A Poem)

“If thy brother or sister offend thee,
thou shalt take him or her between him or her and thee alone.”
-Doctrine & Covenants 42:88

If there’s a concern, go straight to the source
(The best way to solve any problem, of course)
Don’t burden others with baggage not theirs
Just swallow your pride, and get over your fear

Not trying to be rude, when you blab and you whine (you)
Project on me crap not a single bit mine
Nothing’s resolved, and then others get roped
Theres a way that’s a million times better to cope

We seem to shun conflict, avoid confrontation
While all the while harboring festering frustration
If you’re truly wronged, then be strong and confess it
Go to who’s guilty, then breathe and express it

If you’re really hurting, then I’ll lend an ear (but)
Consider the words someone else needs to hear
If someone did/said something awful to you
It’s no one’s concern except for you two! 

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The Pro Life Generation (a poem)

Screenshot 2018-02-25 at 11.29.03 AM

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”
-Matthew 10:16

Wise as serpents
Harmless as doves
Warriors press on
Armed with love

Do not relent when the
Enemy comes
Persistence will win when
All’s said and done

From centers of hope
To sidewalks & laws
Shall we not go on
In such a great cause?

Frustration and heartbreak
But truth’s on our side
So we’ll be victorious in the
Battle for LIFE! 😊

“Shall we not go on in such great a cause?”
-Doctrine & Covenants 128:22

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Intellectual Property: Matter Unorganized (a poem)

Intellectual property 
Lines aren’t always drawn clearly
What can I claim is mine to create? 
Where did ideas originate?

If I learn something new, am I free to sell it?
(When someone’s been genius, hard not to be jealous) 
If I lay some stake, will somebody sue?
How much do you give credit? Is it even due?

Influences are an amalgamation 
Lessons, mistakes reach a culmination 
But pure creativity is some kind of myth 
True originality doesn’t exist! 


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Emergency? (a poem)

What you deem an emergency
I may not see so urgently
So carefully, considerately
Think whether not this one’s on me

I won’t be guilt-tripped, can’t be bought
So spare excuses overwrought
May choose to help, or I may not
But if I do, I call the shot

Service never can be forced
I’ll always retain the choice
My own priorities come first and
I refuse to be coerced

The more clearly-defined I live
The more of my heart I have to give

“The most compassionate people I know also have
the most well-defined and well-respected boundaries.”
-Brene Brown

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Love Saves Lives (A Poem)

Screenshot 2018-01-21 at 6.24.50 PM

It’s easy to love them after they leave
But what makes them walk through the door
Is a conscience that’s pricked, a heart that’s been softened
And choosing to love them before

 #welovequitters #ATTWN 

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Workhorse (A Poem)

“Hammer out my goals like I’m workin’ with my tools.”
-James the Mormon (love him!  )

No time for Netflix
There’s work to be done
Progress is what I
Consider more fun

Sure, I relax
But I’m most alive
When I’m hustling, grinding
That’s how I thrive

Don’t get me wrong
I need (and love!) sleep
But then I wake up (there’re)
Commitments to keep!

Leisure is key
And self-care’s a must
Still, don’t waste your time
(It matters too much)

I work and I work (give it)
All that I’ve got
Feels really great to
Accomplish a lot 

“Work is a blessing from God. “
-Elder J. Richard Clarke 

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