I’m Katherine!

Human/ Mormon/ Woman: KATHERINE

self-fashioning through expression of Core Beliefs

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 12.40.10 AM

Um, I’m not trying to brag or sound arrogant, but I have a blog and it’s pretty amazing.  Very funny…very easy read…but still deep and infused with spirituality, truth, inspiration, and humanity.  Got some pictures, (but not TOO many).  I chronicle the human experience, the Mormon experience, and the woman experience in a way that is uniquely Katherine.  Enrich your life with an intellectual nugget or a comedic gemstone…check out my blog to give your day (and mine!) a smile. Gracias.

Where to begin reading, you may ask?  Here’s a great place! 

Oh, and also I do have some level of musical talent as well.  Listen to me (literally) make some sweet melodies!

And ya’ll I might have a pretty awesome blog, but I am not one of those “cooler than thou” artists.   And I never will be.  So email me from anywhere, about anything, at anytime.  I can’t give you an exact time-frame but I WILL email you back 🙂

Contact information:  Katherineannewilkinson@gmail.com

Now, in the words of Bono:

 “It’s a beautiful day.  Don’t let it get away!”


Love you all (platonically and literally)

~ Katherine Anne



One response to “I’m Katherine!

  1. hey i hope you are doing well, i recently started a Facebook group for lds bloggers i hope you will join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1744125179148774/ lds bloggers

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