A Great Place to Start


I know they’re easy words to say, but I mean it

   ~Natasha/ Katherine

I write about a LOT of different topics.   From “The Book of Mormon” musical, to my worst makeup mistakes, Elder Richard G. Scott, atheism, my best guitar buddy John Mayer, the health/spiritual code known as the Word of Wisdom, Karl Malone, Mark Twain, Eminem, “The Yellow Wallpaper” (only the greatest short story of all time!), the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and of course the goddess Natasha Bedingfield, very little is off-limits for this girl (but my blog is pretty kid friendly too!).  So when people first hear about or encounter this weblog, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.  This might help a little bit:

1)  An unexpected metaphor:  comparing LDS temples to sex/chastity.

2)  A Mormon Girl’s new found perspective on abortion (you probz haven’t heard this one before). 

3) Playboy Mansion? No way!  The mansion of the Lord is where it’s at!

4)  The reason why Katherine Anne will NEVER speak out against (or leave!) the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

5)  Getting out of the shadow of high-achieving family members.

6)  My rocky relationship with my guitar.

7)  How I REALLY felt about my sister getting married

8)  “50 shades of Gray filth/disgusting trash” is cramping my style BIG time!

9)  The unofficial missionary work of this blog. 

10) My witty (and darn near perfect!) approach to satire (Ellen DeGeneres makes an appearance, folks).

11)  Can I get a WITNESS(of God)?!

12)  “You keep mentioning your ‘core beliefs.’  Isn’t the gospel the core of what you believe?  BLASPHEMER!”

13)  The fine line of propriety when it comes to honesty AND class (I gotsta be a lady, ya’ll!)

14)  Why I am ALWAYS quoting song lyrics.

15)  Ms. Wilkinson is possibly not as smart (or as dumb!) as this blog may make her seem…

16)  Katherine has experienced some painful trials in her life, but her darkestshadow days are over now.

17)  How this blog is a Christ-figure for me. 

The comfortable sweet spot of talking God (in a way that’s not preachy, but not cowardly either).

So again, just a way to get started on the feast.  Also, please know that this blog is VERY interactive, and I want you to be a part!  At this point I can’t promise I will feature you, but still I want your suggestions/stories/input, etc.  I have influences who are completely anonymous, and others where I use a name, a picture and a website link!  So whatever you are comfortable with, send your stuff my way, okay?


Now go read your scriptures or change a diaper or something.  People who read (AND WRITE!) blogs all day need to get a life.  Sheesh…


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