Pavlov’s Dogs (a poem)

“I hate the fact that Facebook has such a phenomenal app for communication, but they are the controlling commies of our time. Clearly not enough to stop because of the good I still think it can do getting info out. But I do hate it. It’s like an abusive relationship.” -Eric Moutsos

Like Pavlov’s dogs who salivate each time they hear the bell
When we see red, we act live slaves to different bells as well
Classically conditioned, a perverted loyalty
And though we loathe the tyrants at the top we’ll never leave

The marketplace’s gatekeepers can be so treasonous
It’s strange a world-class UX tool can be so cruel to us
Alternatives are coming out, but will they be for naught?
We’ve long been hooked on tasty drugs, I doubt that we can stop

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