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The Good That God is Doing (a poem)

“As all of this craziness is going on outside of our window, God is working. All the things that He is doing… using Christians as the hands and feet of Jesus to serve other people. That stuff doesn’t make headlines. That stuff doesn’t trend on Twitter. That doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.” -Allie Beth Stuckey

The good that God is doing often
Doesn’t make the news
So much of what is happening is
Hidden from our view

Tragedy can dominate the
Headlines in our feed
Those with an agenda know what
Makes us click and read

There’s no use to be naive, to
Ignore, or to pretend
That there aren’t evil forces that
Conspire and contend

And still we can be hopeful of the
Things that we don’t see
The quiet acts of kindness and the

The good that God is doing often
Doesn’t make the news
When everything seems dark remember
God is on the move!

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Stop With Self-Imprisonment (a poem)

“Yes, we should learn from our mistakes, but we don’t have to live in them.”
-Christy Wright

Stop revisiting the past
Stop reliving shame
Stop with pressing your own bruises
Self-inflicted pain

Stop with self-imprisonment
You’ve already served time
Stop the reel of failure, change the
Channel in your mind

Stop rehashing old mistakes
Stop with keeping score
The God of all the earth says He’ll
Remember them no more

Stop the graceless critic you were
Never meant to be
Stop the late night torturing
Go now and be free

“He who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more”
-Doctrine & Covenants 58:42

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Dreams For More Than Me (a poem)

“Babies don’t get in the way of our dreams. Babies are the source and inspiration for our dreams.”
-Lila Rose

No longer just me and the
Dreams for myself
I’ll pass some of them onto
Somebody else

The littlest hearts take a
Big space in mine
It’s alright with me you take
Most of my time

I used to resent it
How they needed me
Now joyfully give up some

Some dreams I’ll keep
And some I’ll let go
Now somebody else is the
Star of my show

And now I consider that
What’s really true
The best kind of dream I could
Hope for is you

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Tetris (A Poem)

The Tetris of Ideas
I put them in their place
And for a bit I’m doing well and
Keep with the pace

Then shapes start falling faster
I’m struggling to stack
Piles start getting higher
So many I lose track

My thoughts start churning wildly
There’s gaping holes between
I am growing desperate as I
Work haphazardly

And though I’d love perfection
To crisply orient
Once creative thoughts start pouring
They will not relent

I try to fit ideas in place
But always fall behind
It’s difficult to keep up with the
Tetris in my mind

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Dreams For a Season (a poem)

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven…A time to keep and a time to cast away.”

-Ecclesiastes 3: 1;6

Some Dreams are for a season
And Some just fade away
There’s may be grief, yet some relief
It all turns out okay

Some friends are just in passing
A touchstone on your way
They left a mark there on your heart
Then both your journeys changed

Not everything’s forever
We may not keep in touch
So ponder for a moment
On those who meant so much

Not all ideas are realized
Not every dream comes true
Some were never meant to be but
Keep some close to you

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