At Least We Don’t Have Trump (a poem)

More babies will surely die
At least we don’t have Trump
Roe v. Wade they’ll codify
It’s not as bad as Trump

Fracking ban will kill some jobs
Nothing’s worse than Trump
No more rioting and mobs
After Mr. Trump

Need someone whose civilized
That sure as hell’s not Trump
Tara Rhead was full of lies?
Not sure, but I hate Trump!

Need a stronger head and mind
We didn’t have with Trump
No signs of cognitive decline
“C’mon man! Wait, who’s Trump?”

Masks just for 100 days!
Now that we’re done with Trump
Makes the virus go away
Caused by Donald Trump

CRT will be expanded
Least we don’t have Trump
School choice start to be disbanded
Meh, who cares, cuz Trump!

And hey the first woman VP!
She’s miles ahead of Trump
I’m sure she’ll bring the unity
We never had with Trump

CCP is salivating
Least we don’t have Trump
US won’t be dominating
But hey, we’re rid of Trump

Cost of gasoline will soar
At least we don’t have Trump
Women’s sports will be no more
Good riddance, Donald Trump

Now we’re in the Golden Age
Since we said no to Trump
Mean orange man has gone away
Eureka, no more Trump!

Now I want to talk to you
Who helped to dethrone Trump
A million thanks for voting blue

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